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I bought underwear.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

As soon as I get off work today, M and I are running to mom and dad's house to drop the girls off for an evening with Mamaw and Papaw, then we are meeting some friends and driving to Michigan to go to Erebus. The largest "Haunted Attraction" in the U.S. according the the Guinness book of world records. We will be then hitting the Haunted Hydro (Toledo), then staying in a hotel, and heading home.

All the gas and the hotel room will be paid for by my friend's other half (company car, company hotel points saved up). So all we have to pay for is the haunted attractions, and we have coupons for those too. We never do something like this, so I am excited.

I plan on getting up early tomorrow morning, and utilizing the gym at the hotel. I plan on making crochet flowers the entire trip up there (and back) to adorn the top of my corset.

What do you think? The flowers will be white, ivory, and some plum accents in all different sizes. It will go all along the top of the corset... to hide my bad binding job. I hate binding things with 1/4 strip of fabric. Note to self for future..... make binding bigger. The inspiration dress I am making this from has silk flowers all along the top, but I haven't the time or patience to make them right now. So I am hoping crochet flowers will make do.

I am done with the major rush of the beginning of the October fundraiser for the dance company. Now to sit back and wait for folks to bring their money back, so I can get it deposited somewhere. Need to find out where....

I need to get a flyer made up for the November/December fundraiser (babysitting and gift wrapping), and I need to get competition parents set to help with it. This is my first time doing this so this is a learning curve.

V was accepted into the day therapy program. She starts next Friday. I am nervous. I don't know how this will go. She has had some pretty bad days at school lately (bit the teacher 6 times on Thursday - kicked the teacher in the neck yesterday). It's just not good. The interventions they have set into motion just don't seem to be getting her attention, and I feel the need to try something more drastic. I just hope that she hasn't blown her open enrollment eligibility out of the water with her behaviors. The neighboring school (the custody paper school) doesn't have to accept them to the district - they just have to pay for them. So we have to move into the district or open enroll them there in April. So we have a lot of thinking and decisions to make. The therapist is also encouraging us to adopt the girls... and adoption means marriage... which is a huge scary thing for me. So huge. Not going to get overwhelmed and stress eat. Not going to do it.

So anyway I bought some yarn to make my crochet flowers this morning, and had to grab a pack of undies too. All of my undies are holy... and I'm not talking blessed by a priest holy. I had a reality check. I was reading the back of the pack and it listed what size dress can fit what size undies... and I was thinking I could get 16's (what I used to wear), but realized I'm solidly in the 18/20 range. I don't want to be there. It's unhealthy. So it's time for change. Big change. I have to figure out how to stop being DE-railed every time something drastic happens in my life (which with a child with behavior problems... is pretty much every day). I have to figure it out, though. I can't keep doing this. My willpower is pathetic.

So I'm going to take this one week at a time, committing to tracking my food and fitting fitness into our crazy schedule when I can. Here goes nothing.

Today's weight : 192.4
Morning back pain: 5
Weekly Exercise Plan:
Monday: Running emoticon
Tuesday: Yoga emoticon
Wednesday: Pilates emoticon
Thursday: Running emoticon
Friday: Yoga emoticon
Saturday: Pilates
Sunday: Running

emoticon T.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Glad to hear V was accepted into that program. It does sound like you have a lot going on...definitely take your time with all of those decisions and don't feel rushed into anything. The flowers look beautiful as does the corset :)
    1957 days ago
    Glad to hear she got accepted! I hope it goes well.
    1958 days ago
    Cool road trip; hope it's a blast. emoticon with everything else and the corset looks good.
    1958 days ago
    The flowers are going to look great! Is there anything you can't do??? I hope you have a fantastic weekend, it sounds like fun!
    1958 days ago
    LOVE the flowers!!! How many times can I say how awesome you are?!
    And how in the world did she kick her in the neck?! lol! I know it's not funny.. but I very visual so all the biting then the kick in the neck.. I bet sometimes you somewhere between hysterical laughing and crying when this stuff happens. Just picturing that sweet little girl taking down her teacher. I'm so glad she got in! Another step! Yay!
    Why do you have to be married? Can you not adopt the girls yourself as a single parent? Or is it because you live together?
    I have to buy new undies too! I had bought some cute ones trying to make myself feel better about myself. Well... They made my ass breakout!! That's not cute! LOL! So I'm off to get 100% cotton, apparently the slick cute one do not breath well! lol!
    Hope you have a great day!!! xx
    1959 days ago
    You're gonna look great!
    1959 days ago
    You can do it!
    1959 days ago
  • AGK3112
    I love to go to hunted area. Actually I never been there becuase no one in my family wants to go and I don't have any friends who can come with me. your dress looks really nice you inspire me to do something more in life. I hope you have wonderful weekend and will finish your stuff which you are planning to. Have a wonderful weekend and up coming week. Take Care
    1959 days ago
    The LARGEST Haunted Attraction in the U.S.????? emoticon That's fabulous! Oh wish I could go too! I LOVE to be scared! Hope your have a FABULOUS time! I thought you bought new underwear incase you got so scared you had an accident. emoticon
    emoticon on getting V into the therapy school. It's natural to be nervous, but bitting and kicking the teacher is pretty scary, so with the proper help it can only get better right? And at least you know that they (the new school) knows what Vs issues are, and they WANT her there. emoticon
    Love the flowers! You are just so talented! emoticon Can't wait to see a picture of everyone all dressed up! I'm sure you'll win the contest again.

    1959 days ago
    Wow Sweetie.. you do have your hands full. Enjoy your trip.

    I love the flowers and I think they will be beautiful, but I agree with Adarkara, I don't think you need to cover up thee binding, it looks beautiful to me.

    Just take one day at a time and do your best, everything will work out. Have faith that it will, think positive thoughts and everything will fall into place. Try not to stress, listen to that.... coming from me the stress queen... but it is not a good place to put yourself in, stress. I am trying to find a way to keep myself out of the world of stress too.

    love ya!
    Happy Halloween!
    1959 days ago
    I'm so glad V got into that program, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it works for her! You need a break from all the stress.

    Your corset looks AMAZING! No one will be noticing your binding job, but I love the flower idea anyway, so feminine! can't wait to see photos!
    1959 days ago
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