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Minor Change of Strategy

Friday, October 12, 2012

I have blogged about patience a lot. That is ironic because this is now me being impatient. I think I have hit my first plateau in 80 days of sparking. I cannot really complain my 33lb weight loss in that period is beyond my expectations. But, for the last week I have had no movement. I have religiously stayed in my ranges and am averaging at least a 1,000 calorie deficit daily doing cardio and strength training. Today is going to be my first light day, walking only, in a couple of weeks. I do not think I can ramp up my workout to much and still function. I also do not think I can cut my calories and keep up the workout schedule. I am not panicking here because I continue to feel my changing for the better and I know my conditioning is improving. But, I feel like I want to do something to kick this weight loss rut. I cannot let my team down in the 5% weight loss challenge!

I was reading a Men's Health magazine article that suggested 25 ways to lose weight. Most of the 25 were things we have read here many times. One of the items that struck home was the suggestion that we vary or calorie intake. To paraphrase the article it said that our body will recognize the consistent calorie intake and you metabolism will start to plateau. It pointed out that the average was more important than individual daily calorie counts. The Spark system of recording calories encourages consistency. Which is important over a period of time, but maybe not as important on individual days.

I looked back at my calorie intake for the last 10 days. It has been in a very tight range towards the bottom of my suggested calorie range. I have decided that I am going to make an effort to vary my calories as often as I can. Their example was to go to 1800 calories one day and 1200 the next if your target was 1500. I think tonight I am going to target going just over my range and then tomorrow going just under my range. I am going to track my rolling average over a week rather than worrying about the daily numbers.

Here is a link to the article FYI:
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    It's called Calorie Cycling and many people have a lot of success with it. :) Google that term and you can learn a lot more about it. Like anything else, your body gets used to what you eat and how much of it, and then makes accomodations. Sometimes it's also something as simple as your body just needing a rest for a while. Like someone else mentioned, make sure you are eating enough to sustain your fitness activities. If you can't eat any less, and can't exercise any more, perhaps you are too close to your max/min levels. Just a few things to think on. Good luck, I enjoy reading your blogs. :)
    1958 days ago

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    1958 days ago
    Well I've been preaching the gospel of nothing happens by coincidence once your mind's eyes are wide open to see the gifts in each "today." So get this non-coincidence:

    Not more than an hour or two ago during my late night SparkAThon (where I catch up on blogs and postings) I read some sage advice from a SparkFriend and Team Leader who has broken through plateaus (having lost 230lb so far) and she suggests going on a diet heavily based on protein shakes/supplements (lower your carbs don't go "no-carb" mixed with water, skim milk, whatever you can mix it with that pleases your palate. You can still eat, just watch carbs and keep your body moving...

    She likes the Nectar Sweets brand of protein powders - I like CytoSport Chocolate Protein Mix (jumbo bag at Costco has lasted me 4 months). That's one way you could go. I however would just be patient with your body. Drastic weight loss affects every system in the human body and they take time to re-establish your "MEquilibrium" or balance. Speaking from my own experience, I used to weigh myself every morning - and after 4 1/2 months I still couldn't tell you which days I lost weight and those I didn't. Now I am only weighing myself after noticing a difference in a part of my body becoming smaller or more muscular. So, to avoid starting my day off thinking "what am I not doing or how could I change "x y z" I wait until I can feel the weight gone and see the change before weighing again.

    So not by any coincidence I thought I was meant to share that info with you today. I myself am also at a plateau at -93lbs, and I'm now eating my way through it with protein rich low fat foods. My digestive system is still re-learning how to eat regularly, 3 small meals and a snack or two if necessary. I still have protein powder on standby for busy days where I might have skipped a meal or two - whatever it takes - fuel and hydrate, make sure you're getting your vitamins and keep movin'. Hope this was helpful and that you are enjoying your weekend. Your friend - "Sprink"
    1958 days ago
    Spark has been telling me that if I'm doing more exercise than recommended, I need to up my calorie intake. Not eating enough can slow you down, too. I don't know about that. Usually when I don't lose it's because I've been doing too much eating off my program. emoticon
    1959 days ago
  • JUDY106
    I read the same thing you are say about the using the varied calories per day to get moving in the right direction. This was from the Biggest Loser trainer. He also say to eat a high carbs meal and then go back to your reg. food plan. that it would shock the body into losing again. I have not tried it yet, but think I will this week-end. I have been at a stand still for about three weeks. I started looking into what might help to break the stand still and this is what I came up with. I guess I will give it a try. Hope you have success and tell me what you did to accomplish it. I will get back to you if this works for me. I have also lost 30 lbs and now at a still stand. What about that. (LOL) (HUGS) Judy
    1959 days ago

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    I think if you want to lose more weight you have to do cardio first & add another half hour to the workout....I'm just saying...

    God bless & you can do it!

    1959 days ago
    I had a couple of weeks where the muscle being built from the strength training probably equalled the weight loss in fat. Doing nothing different (except stressing over the "no change," I suddenly dropped another 3 pounds in a week! Just keep doing what you're doing - the weight will come along!
    1959 days ago
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