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Deej's Marathon Mania.. what's a girl to do!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Just gonna throw this out there... when I take time to think about what I want to share in a blog, it never gets written... HA! I accuse my Daughter all the time of being an “over-thinker”, she comes by it honest!!

I am about to end week 13 of my 16 week Marathon training program and following my final long run this Sunday (with a half-marathon sandwiched between), I’ll begin my taper.

When I last blogged, I shared an overwhelming (to me) experience of attempting a PR in what proved to be a very daunting half-marathon in Indianapolis. My training up to that point, and seemingly the first few runs following, was going so well.. in fact, far too well. I feared at any point I was going to hit a wall or something. I mean, wasn’t my 16 miler or 18 miler or 20 miler, at least ONE of those supposed to leave me in tears, doubting my ability to run further?? I can’t say they were EASY by any means, but they all left me invigorated and I felt good. It wasn’t, however, till my 20.4 (oops, overshot my estimation of how far to the car), that I really felt my body could carry me 6 more. I had 20 more on the schedule for the following weekend, but that was not to be.

As I noted in my half-marathon blog, the day before that half I had run a short 2 miler in my “go to” shoes; my trusty Asics Nimbus 12s that brought me back (both mentally & physically) from the 2 stress fractures I had suffered last year. After months of dealing with what I’ll refer to as “foot & body manipulation” issues prior to the fractures, I turned to a neutral, cushioned shoe and for me they worked well!! The pair I had been training in (my 2nd pair) had reached over 370 miles & I never push shoes that far but Asics no longer makes the shoe and has since had 2 upgrades. In fact, I had ordered this pair from Amazon and had trouble finding another pair I could afford, outside of E-Bay. I decided I was going to have to give in & buy another shoe or try the upgrade at some point in time & reviews of the next upgrade were mixed. I tried both the Nimbus 13 & 14 and the 13 felt better on my foot. I also ordered a pair of Brooks Ghost 5s which had received good reviews for a cushioned neutral but I had problems with the way my arch fell in the right shoe (go figure), they didn’t feel right so I sent them back. And for the 1st time (during this 2 miler), I felt the cushion inside my “oldie goldie go tos” was breaking down, not to mention the fact the tread was bound to be worn & rain was in the forecast for this half. So on race morning, in a rush to get to Indianapolis for hubby to meet a client & to get to the Expo & check in to the hotel, I stopped by the store & bought the Asics 13s.

The race (as I blogged) was quite the disaster, high morning temps & high humidity with a severe storm nearby moving close, sweating buckets at start & starting out faster than I should have, I began to ache just over half way in and the aching became almost more than I could bear 3/4 into the game. At mile 12.5 I felt I was going to hit the wall & doubted my ability to even finish. My hips & low back ached throughout the run which I attributed to the weather conditions, my off the charts sweat rate and the reality that I was pushing myself beyond reason wanting that sub 2 hour PR. Following this race weekend, I ran (in these shoes) a 16 & an 18 when I discovered my first “black toenail”, I decided with swelling feet at these distances they were probably too tight & took them back to exchange for a 1/2 size larger & with more room in the toe box, these felt good. So all is well and I run the 20.4 miler (with the final 4 at racing speeds as I was running late for my Grandson’s birthday party). All was seemingly well until the following week.

The night before this 20 miler, I had noticed swelling in my left ankle which I suspected came from a TRX workout I had done that day, suspending in plank position with my feet in the straps & twisting from center plank to side. I had a bruise on the medial aspect of that ankle & began to ice. I iced often & rested it a few days (missing my 2nd 20 miler in the process), but no regrets, it did the trick & that ankle was much better. On the Sunday I was supposed to run that 2nd 20 miler, I attended a family reunion & wore the new Asics 13s, something I rarely do but hey, they matched my T-Shirt & Jeans well :) That evening, my hips & the lateral part of my right lower leg (peroneals) ached so badly I took ibuprofin to relieve the pain... something I rarely do, not a fan of meds if I can avoid them. From that point on, those peroneal muscles & the calf have been tight & I was actually running in pain (left ankle pain flared back up as well)... cutting back on mid week distances, it didn’t go away, I couldn’t run 3 miles without hurting & I was beginning to doubt my ability to do my Marathon.. after all the weeks of satisfying, wonderful training runs, after all the sweat I had lost running in brutal 100+ summer temps, I was in tears at the thought when it finally hit me, DUHHHHHHH... “it could be your shoes!!!!!”...

... so I dug out my oldie goldies from the Salvation Army donation bag I had just placed them in, and I ran a mile in them. Wa La... NO pain, only a tad in those peroneals but not pain, just a tad of soreness. In the midst of all this I had ordered a pair of Nimbus 12s (one of the only remaining available) from E-Bay. They didn’t feel quite right & I had given them to my daughter. I retrieved them, so now I have 2 pair of my trusty Nimbus 12s. When I run in my oldie godies, I feel almost no pain but have to admit I feel the road a bit; not as much cushion as usual, they’re clearly breaking down & I’m not sure they’ll carry me thru a Marathon. When I run in the E-Bay pair, I still feel aches in those lower right leg peroneals & calf... what’s a girl to do?? With 7 tomorrow, 20 to 22 this Sunday (which I’ll do by running a few miles, a half then a few miles more), and a taper in my immediate future... time will tell :) right? What’s a girl to do...

Hmmmm.... Jeff Galloway’s the keynote speaker at a pre-race dinner I’m attending this weekend, maybe he’ll know... emoticon no worries... I won’t bore him with my saga :) I’ll save that boredom for all of you!!! emoticon

Stay tuned...
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • BOBBYD31
    could not offer any input on this one and i am so for behind i am not sure how your weekend went, well i hope
    1979 days ago
  • GIANNA345
    Yikes! Have you ever been fitted for custom orthotics? If not, you might want to check that out. I don't go anywhere without mine anymore. Good luck, whatever you do!
    1980 days ago
    I vote the old too Deej!!! Can't wait for this big day!!!
    1980 days ago
  • TIGGER622
    oh man oh man am i proud of you!!! i vote stick with the old ones if they are feeling better... and by my calculations, today is your half with some more miles tacked on the front and back, good luck!!! hope its a fun one :) miss you oodles!!!
    1982 days ago
  • TESS504
    My vote is go with the old ones.
    1982 days ago
    Of course, this happens NOW!!! Just another one of those "obstacles" that make us doubt our ability to finish. I like the ideas I read in the comments below, and I hope you get some shoes that give you comfort all the way through. You are a strong woman, Deej, and I believe in you all the way.

    1982 days ago
    Good luck!
    1982 days ago
    Deej, that is a really tough situation! I totally feel for you. I can really relate to logging all those sweaty miles - you want something to show for them.

    Suggestion- use the Runner's World shoe finder feature online. If you put in your shoe, they will come up with some similar shoes. Take the list and go to your local running store. They know what they are doing! They should have a few of the suggestions from RW and maybe some of their own. Most stores have TMs where you can try the shoes out. Don't leave until you have your new shoe!!

    Sometimes you have to kiss some frogs before you find your prince, so fingers crossed that you don't have to do too much puckering up!

    1983 days ago
    Keep Sparkin'!!
    1983 days ago
  • TAMTAM64
    Tom at the running store made a very good point - your stride will change with fatigue! That was one reason I ran my last 2 marathons in those Brooks instead of my nike's. I felt like they weighed a ton at first but they did the job in the last few miles of my marathon when my form suffered.

    You are going to do great at your marathon! Can't wait to hear all about it!
    1983 days ago
    Very difficult when shoes are the issue. I do hope you can figure this out and have an awesome first marathon.
    1983 days ago
  • LAURIE5658
    Another fan of oldies but goodies!!!

    emoticon emoticon
    1984 days ago
    Good luck. I hate when your favorite pair of shoes are discontinued. I had a pair of Brooks that I loved. When they came out with a new & improved version, they weren't the same and I couldn't wear them.

    Give my best (LOL) to Galloway. His book inspired me to run a marathon. Without his training plan, I never would have had the courage to try. I still read it whenever I need some motivation.

    1984 days ago
    I say go with the oldies but goodies. Have someone waiting halfway with a pair of shoes if you need to change them.
    1984 days ago
    Can't wait to hear...
    1984 days ago
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