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Journey To An Authentic YOU Sooner not Later!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Be self propelled, believing, daring and un-afraid on your journey to self awareness. In and under all circumstances be authentically you!

As I travel around Sparkland and read blogs and visit teams and meet new sparkfriends, I hear a recurring “theme” and because I am old and can reflect in hindsight, I want to offer some advice to the mostly female nurturers and teachers and even the few men who I know read my blogs....While it is the norm to hide our lights under bushel baskets as my old Baptist preacher might have said and to be and do for others and wait for our time to come. DON’T WAIT.

Be a good example for our youth and demonstrate to them a new way of living for them to live and teach their children. Take care of yourselves. Put yourselves in the top of your “TO DO’s” Don’t wait for your turn or tomorrow because you just never know when or if your turn might be.

You are so much more than the body you see when you look in the mirror or the number on the scale.

“You” are comprised on all that is inside perhaps whispering deep inside your innermost self. Sssssh.....listen closely because those whispers are where you will find your inner source of spiritual energy for the strength and power that will guide you to living your best life.

You're not helpless nor at the mercy of any situation, problem, or adversity; on the contrary, you 're a magnificently made human being, containing all the resources you need to live the life and love you've been envisioning.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you're doing, however you choose, you can live your best life now! Living 'your best life' begins with living your authentic truth. Your authentic truth is to live the life you envision for yourself by realizing that you matter, because if you don't matter, no thing and no one will truly matter to you.

What a wise and wonderful man he was!

We truly are in charge of our destiny....Whether you fulfill your dreams, goals, desires or longings is determined by the thoughts you are thinking at any given moment. Are your thoughts limiting or limitless? Are they self-defeating or life-enhancing?

What an exciting journey this trip to self discovery without being in the shadow of negative influences that have kept our lights dimmed and our own gifts hidden preventing us from living our very best life.

You cannot live in the shadow of someone else's dreams or expectations for you or your life even though it is easy to stand in the shadow of another. Step outside of that shadow whether it be your BFF, your husband, your children and free yourself to to live your dreams and live your truth. TODAY. Regain your power. What are your super powers? Have you realized them? Put on your super hero outfit, pack your bags and realize your dreams and fly, soar, BE!

What is your life purpose that being a nurturer and standing in the shadow of others has distracted you from fulfilling? I hear myself telling the kids to reach for the stars - dream big....I am admonishing each of you to look in the mirror beyond that physical image and give yourself the same talk you give to others you nurture and care for. It’s our turn!!!!!

If you want to live deliberately, purposefully and authentically, you must draw your nourishment from the indomitable spirit within.

The world was not meant to be your guide; it was intended to be your creation, so if your life is reflecting everything you don't want, like the artist, choose another blank canvas and create your life anew, from the inside out.

Don’t put it off.

Dig out those dusty dream journals. Sign up for a 5K, a 10K, heck sign up for a Triathlon! What have you always wanted to do and put it off as you stood in someone else's’ shadow?

No negative talk!

Each day is a new opportunity to start FRESH moving forward. What will today bring to your canvas?

Your thoughts create the reality you live in: good, bad, or indifferent. None of these adjectives should define who you are or how you're living. You matter and deserve better, and you have what it takes, by virtue of spirit and the thoughts you entertain, to beat all the odds against living your authentic truth and best life!

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