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Had a physical wednesday morning

Friday, October 12, 2012

It went well... i had a good long talk with the doctor about a few things and I am glad I did....

My first concern has been the pain from the rain (yes it is normal for people with joint pains to "feel" it) but i said yes and that is how it has been for the last 5 years untill recently the last 4 months i said it is getting a little more then that... so we went back and forth on what i have done what i have tryed and what we thought the solution would be.... he wanted to p my lyrica to 450 mg a day (currently on 300 the last 5 yrs without an increase) I said woah woah woah lol...first off this med makes you hold your weight (making weight loss very hard) so i said lets just add a bedtime dose of 100mg and make it 400mg and he was like.. ok i think that is reasonable almost to the 450 i wanted lol.. i said ..I dont need to gain weight or feel stupid (which happens when starting new doses on this med) so far it is taking the edge offand as it works into my system it should get way better...
so problem number 1 done...

2 my asthma has beeen wacked... I said i have increased the intensity of my cardio classes and do High intensity interval training classes cyclling Pump and a few core classes lol... the look on his face was priceless... he said Well I am impressed lol called me a crackhead fitness junkie with Fibromyagia LOL I said i can handle that.... sohe told me a different way to use my inhalers and it worked for cycling last night monday will be the test for my Attack class the one my lips turn blue in lol (not a pretty color lol) ok that was taken care of.. he is like thats easy lol

3 was ok..i know i have been tested before BUT i have friends recently that have gone from having ms and lupus to not having these diseases to having Lyme Disease... I said can we PLease redo my lyme tests including the western blot test... we discuss the last it was done and whaere i lived previously and he said i do not see the harm in redoing the test you need blood work drawn anyways we will jst add it on...Phew! I said that all i have :)

Then he checked me out said i sound good in my lungs atm :) Yay :) and that he is throughly inmpressed on how far i have come in a years time... he said since i have seen you last you have lost 15 pounds he says that is impressive for the medicine you are on lol(and here i was feeling bad in my last post LOL....) he said 2 you have fibro and sounds like you are working hard and you can see your results he says i seee muscles :) (yay)

We went over a few other details of my medical background they got new computer system and not all information transferred.... sowe added where it wasneeded.. he told me i wish other fibro patients would just listen to the exercise thing like i have... and get threw that hurdle of painin th beginning.. i said have them call me .. he said i might take you up on that. i said do it... i said i am certified in group exercise and getting certified in personal trainging in the near future.. he smiled and said amazing lol....
so...i went and got my blood tests done... and all the normal physicla testing came back normal.. liver kidney thyroid iron count those tests.. all came back normal
just waiting for the lyme tsts to come back...i am sure they will be normal too but hey better be safe then sorry :)
So it was probably the most productive doctors appt i have had in a long time :) and i thoght i would share :)

Hugs and love my friends to more postitivity in our lives!!
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    I also have asthma and I've been off my meds for about 4 years now and cardio and lots of breathing exercises are the reason behind it
    1687 days ago
    1687 days ago
    Sounds like you have accomplished a lot despite some extra challenges. Did you really have a hurdle of pain to get over first? Curious cos my mum has fibromyalgia. Has your pain improved since exercising?
    1689 days ago
    Glad you have a doctor you can easily talk too. There are many who don't take the time to listen or , if they do, will brush off your concerns. You are really doing well and I am happy for you! emoticon
    1689 days ago
    1689 days ago
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