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Putting together a plan...

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Today was basically a goof off day, I slept in and boy did that feel good. Guilt free laziness that I so richly deserve. I came, I saw, I goofed off (instead of conquered- I'll leave that for another day).


I am, however reviewing training material and mentally cobbling together a plan of action or at least a basic framework. The fact that I have been reading in and of itself is a miracle. I am usually so mentally tired that I fall asleep after a few pages no matter what time of day it is. I used to be a book worm but it's hard for me to be intellectually stimulated after a long shift and there is very little intellect left.

I would really like to change that.

So far, what I have in mind is basically in two phases:

Phase1: weight loss and conditioning phase.

Once the contract has been ratified, Im free to start spending a little again. I am looking at a conditioning program put on at my fitness center. It takes all the challenging stuff that I liked about Crossfit and puts them into a little more of a professional fitness environment. I went through a free "sample" session and left puddles on the floor. *BINGO* . Much of the unconditioned parts of me were screaming at me for mercy but I learned a long time ago that the workout that you need to do is the one you are NOT doing. For the 4 months I was into Crossfit, there was a big improvement in my fitness and strength. I even began to see some real cuts in my arms... definition that i could really see.... If I do this over this winter... GNARLY...

I am also have been improving on my diet. Having a tracking ap on my phone has really helped with my portion distortion. What I like the most is that it provides a macronutrient breakdown, fats, protein, carbs. I have cut the carbs to about 30% of my calories with no real felt effect, protein has been around 30% or so and the rest has been healthy fats- olive oil, walnuts, salmon, coconut oil etc... I have been leaning toward a train low, race high approach to carb intake that seems to be working well. I felt FANTASTIC on my 75 mile ride even though I have been low carbing it. I also have been timing my carb intakes around the morning and around workouts then tapering intake as the day progresses. Most carbs coming from vegetables. Basically lean and green with healthy fats.

Ben Greenfield's podcasts www.bengreenfield

For more details- Books by Ben Greenfield..


This guy is a pro triathlete and nutritionist with a long track record that speaks for itself... I tend to listen to guys like that.

While not wanting to "geek out" on my blog on the ins and outs of such a nutritional program, the bottom line is that my body is not just a lump walking around on a pair of sticks and calories are not just calories. What we eat will trigger a response of one kind or another physically and hormonally. A higher carb protocol, especially refined carbs or even too much of the "good" carbs, will trigger an insulin response hindering fat utilization, hence ZERO weight loss while I was OD'd on fuel and gels during marathon training. In short, I was a sugar burner while my fat stayed in the tank.

As I review my personal history, only when I kept my carb intake in check and clean did I see results. This is fine by me, short of a pizza fetish, I am not really a carby dude so saying no to alot of the "no-no's" isnt that hard. Its the total number of calories and the fat greasy foods that get me into trouble.

This is going to be interesting to see what this winter holds. I will finally take that before pic but I wont post it until I am through.

I have lost 116 lbs as of this writing and I am excited to push into the realm of epic weight loss and finally skin removal if needed. I want a new life.

I am using my goal weight of 220 as a carrot (165 lb weight loss). The day I hit 220 is the day I start researching an Ironman event. My goal race would be Ironman Lake Placid in Lake Placid, NY.

I love that area.
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