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I want to LIVE until I die!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I was just reading a few blogs while I drank my 'fake coffee' (Sugarfree fatfree caffeine free Swiss Mocha coffee - see why I call it fake?) and found a picture that has the makings of a blog in it! Its time to walk so I'll have to write the blog later, but here is the picture! Thank you LJR4HEALTH - I 'borrowed' this from you!!

I'm back from walking so I want to finish today's blog. But first, while eating breakfast just now I read a blog that you MUST read - it is an amazing inspiration:

Onto to my thoughts on the picture above. I've had a mantra in my life for a good long time now - it is the title of this blog: "I want to live until I die!" What I mean is that I want to remain healthy and active as long as possible - then I want to die!! Oh not at the first hint of an illness - but when I can no longer find healing or take care of myself. Diabetes runs in my family - its why I began exercising in the first place (when I was about 33) and why I am so dedicated to exercise now. I know that this may be asking too much, but I believe in asking for what we want!!

I'm sure my friends and family get tired of hearing it, but I think the minimum amount of exercise one should get is to walk for half an hour a day for 5 or 6 days a week. How hard is that? Not at all hard in my mind, especially considering all the GOOD it does for your body! I truly believe that exercise saves lives - and I'm not thinking of just physical health here. It is good for your MENTAL health too!! I know a lot of you are thinking "but I just don't HAVE 30 minutes a day for exercise". If you don't have it, you have to MAKE it! And you CAN if you make doing so a priority! For years I got up an hour to an hour and a half early to run before work so I know what I'm talking about here!! JUST DO IT!! If you haven't been exercising start with 10 minutes a day. Before you know it that will be too easy!!

On to my goals for October:

ST every day (one break day per week allowed) - work one body part a day - at least 90 reps total. Yesterday was core - core is the hardest for me so I stopped after 90 reps. I'll be very happy when I can do more!

Cardio - at least 60 minutes 6 days a week. My knee felt ok so I got in 131 minutes of cardio.

Nutrition - continue to increase the fresh vegetables and fruit in my meals while eating less animal products and processed foods. Had 9 servings of freggies (not quite as good as yesterday)!

Remember to enjoy your day today - and count your blessings!! I'm counting mine and finding I am VERY blessed!

Added later: I was just reading blogs from my friend feed and read Pixie-Licious's blog from yesterday:

This is another blog worth reading, as are the comments Pixie received after posting it. What an outpouring of love and concern - as my niece Keri would say, it blessed my heart. In those comments was this quote which I LOVE:
“When you are tempted to give up, your breakthrough is probably just around the corner.” ~ Joyce Meyer

And this one: Oprah said..."Forgiveness is letting go of the hope that the past can be changed."

I BELIEVE that and don't want to lose the quote!! One of the best things about SparkPeople is the support of members for each other - what a blessing!!
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