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alrightly and here i thought i havent changed lol

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

i was getting down on myself the other day thinking...i am heading back to Mass for 2 weeks and i feel i havent changed physically... well i have gotten stronger and i lost a couple of pounds but eh..... well i was done with my 3rd class yesterday and a woman that i see in alot of the same classes came up to me and said how wonderful i look.. that i have lost some weight these last few months.. i said maybe inchs but defiately not weight...and she was like lol i shouldnt have said weight lol.. you look good she says... seriously can see you are changing.. I thanked her we chatted about other things and went on our merry way :)

so i go to thinking... hmm.... let me weigh myself in the morning and take measurements i havent done it in a while maybe its time...

So i did i currently weigh 162.4 *yay*

Since last october to this october and roughly the same time frame off by 3 days...

I have lost 10 lbs

on my arms i have lost 1"
chest 2 1/4"
waist 2 1/4"
hips 2 1/2" (now that surprised me lol)
thighs 1 1/2" ( phew its about time)
calfs 1 1/2"
Neck 1"

but also since then i have increased my intensity with my Les mills class Pump Attack Crxworks and most recently Cycling

I have left a poorly run gym with whiney people and went to a gym that serves up less mills and serious people that want to change there bodies and grunt together...

I can plank like a champ.. i can move out of a plank and get my feet to jump out and in ...I can lift my arms out of plank(not for long but still can do it) can do shoulder taps when in full plank... I can do side plank on both sides and do side plank crunches... i can to the mountain climber in a plank position... I can do 36 pushups in a minute on my knees with my feet lifted in perfect form.... I can do 8 push ups on my toes... i can jump for a little longer...i can move sideways now while doing a double knee (this was hard for me) i can bounce side to side... i can jump forwards and backwards to a song... i can run longer.... i can dance longer...i push myself to limits and go beyond....
and my favorite I can hike again :) longer and farther each time we go :)

So when you are getting down on yourself think of 6 months before or a year and think of all thethings you couldnt do that you CAN DO now... I am so grateful to be walking again.... and now all that i have accomplished and there are no limits to where i will be next year this time.... my 2 year anniversary comes up in January.... i wonder if i will be able to hop then :D Wonders never stop amazing me.. i have a doctors appointment today but now i dont care what he say lol.... I conquer ife everyday.. not many people can say that...not many have been where i have been either soo...:) I am proud now.. and happy and glad i looked back !! thanks for being there every step of the way.... if it wasnt for my spark friends i probably would have given up a long time ago.. hugs!! keep pshing forward! We can do this!!
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