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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The nerves are about a few things, firstly the half marathon on this Sunday. I know I can run it but I haven't had a good run in nearly two weeks. By good run I mean one of those where you feel like you can run forever and smile all the way! But my last run was unbelievably difficult, only 3.4 miles which normally takes me 31-32 minutes, yesterday I took my longest ever at 34 mins 49! On the plus side I kept going so I'm proud of myself for that, but if I have a day like that on Sunday I'm beginning to wonder if I'll finish at all!

As you know I've been dabbling in maintenance, I'm not sure I can lose much more weight without struggling to stay there, my bodyfat is 17.6% according to the calipers and while I would love to have my 6 pack showing (I can actually feel the muscles if I poke my belly - more muscle fondling!) my priority is being able to maintain, there's no point in getting to a really low weight/fat% if I struggle to stay there! I will weigh in Friday morning but in all honesty I expect to see a gain. In the last two weeks I chose to have a day off tracking, then I had a cold which meant I didn't exercise for two days (last time I ran with a cold it went to my chest and with the half marathon coming up I really didn't want that!) and to top it off last weekend I ate something bad and had an upset stomach so I ended up having another day off tracking and exercise. You know when you have a dodgy tummy there's only certain foods that you feel will stay put, for me it's always carby foods so no doubt my protein was way down. Ordinarily any one of these things wouldn't cause a problem but the whole lot of them over the course of one weigh-in is bound to show up. I'm just nervous of how I'm going to feel seeing a gain ?! I think I need to do some preparation work.

Amelia is getting quite frustrated this last week or two, she's 6 months old now but she not only sits well on her own but loves being on her feet, she is desperate to pull herself up to standing but can't reach anything so when I'm not there to hold her hands while she stands and experiments in taking a few steps she gets so frustrated and cries and shouts a lot! She is also sayng dadada and bababa and bobobob which looks really funny because the 'b's are said with her tongue poking out! So our mission this month is to begin the baby proofing ready for when she can get about. She would love to crawl and watches other babies as if she's thinking what a good idea it is, but she hates being on her tummy so it's unlikely she'll learn to crawl. We have also been experimenting with finger foods and she likes to suck on a piece of peeled cucumber or apple. I did give her a rusk too (not keen on giving them to her very often with the refined sugars) but she prefers the fruit anyway! I can't believe how quickly she is moving on, the helpless little newborn is long gone and a determined little girl is emerging!

Next blog will be a race report on the half marathon, have a great week Sparkers emoticon
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    I think you just have to know that you are at a good weight for your body, not at the high end of a healthy weight, but towards the bottom, and a pound or two is not going to hurt you. When maintaining, you want to have a range to maintain in, because no body stays 100% stationary. The thing about abs and other muscles is that they won't start showing if you lose more - they only start showing if you do more strength training and grow those muscles into visibility. (Though, I can't say much for post-pregnancy abs, as the belly gets so messed up during pregnancy...I know my abs will never show again, no matter how strong I get!)
    1838 days ago
    LOL have fun baby proofing everything. It's amazing what they can get into. BTW when she starts walking and opening doors you might want to make sure she can't get in the bathroom. My daughter tried to flush a lot of things including an ink pen and a knee high hose.

    As for the half marathon emoticon
    1838 days ago
    Good luck with your half marathon. I am sure you will be able to do it. If you have been training for it i don't see why should you have a problem.
    The most important thing is to take a part!

    I haven't trained a lot last year and still was able to run in Nike's Run to the Beat half marathon . Ok, timing wasn't great - i did it in 2 hours and 26 min.

    Just have a good rest day before. emoticon

    1839 days ago
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