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A Perfect Storm for Running Tonight - Best Time Yet!!

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

First, thank you sooo much for your compliments on my last blog! I love my new outfit and shoes...and now that they're broken in properly, they're really making running easier!

Saturday, I got home late so I ran the 10K on the treadmill. I ran for 20 minutes straight, and made it almost 2 full miles in that time! I was averaging about 10:30 min/mile. Then I started to get overheated...then the shoes I had just bought, which had not been used, started to hurt my feet. I slowed down my pace, but made it through the full 10K!

My only previous timed Virtual 10K, that I ran (and I ran HARD!) back in 2011 I ran in 72:14. I didn't prepare or train properly, so I ended up really sore and limping for almost a week after that 10K - and I gave up on running for more than a year after that experience.

So I set a goal time of 71 minutes. I had REALLY pushed myself the first time, and I knew that I could do just as well but without the terrible soreness and pain afterward.

And I ran this 10K in 70:36! A much better time, even on a treadmill (which I HATE doing!) and in brand-new shoes that hadn't been broken in even a little!

Fast forward to today. I was still riding the glow of finishing FASTER than my goal. My shoes had been broken in during the 10K, and some walking makes a HUGE difference! It was sunny and in the lower 60s, perfect weather for a run.

And the final component was the stress I needed to work out. I had to drive my dad to the hospital for his MRI this morning. He has a bone spur in his neck, and they've found an abnormality between two vertebrae. I had kept saying that he needed to stay calm and wait for the MRI...but now, the worry just hit me all at once.

So as soon as I got off work, I changed, put on my new running shoes, and hit the Wabash Heritage Trail.


I ran 5 miles in 55:05. I've averaged close to 11 min/mile, for short runs where I really pushed myself, but I've barely broken the 11.5 min/mile barrier for longer runs...and I've never done it off the treadmill, where all I have to do is stare at the numbers and try to run faster.

And the best part is that I barely walked. I'm still new enough that I usually walk for part of the run, but this time I jogged almost the whole thing. I only walked up the big hill and ramp to the pedestrian bridge, and for a small section that was unpaved.

A perfect storm of stress, weather, great new shoes, and self-confidence, and I ran 5 miles at an average speed of 11:01 min/mile...and set a new personal best on time AND on distance run instead of walked!!
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