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Funky Funk

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

I feel like I've just been kind of stuck lately. Its not that I don't care....but at the same time I don't really...care.

I haven't been working out, minus taking my dog for a walk when I've had the time, and I haven't been tracking my food... But I also haven't been eating much food to track. I eat more on the weekends than I do during the week.

I know that I need to get back into the habit of eating breakfast, AND lunch AND dinner, but lately its been rare that I eat breakfast, incredibly rare that I eat lunch and then I do eat dinner and snack a little in the evening. I've fallen back into my old habits of not eating consistently which I need to fix. My appetite really changes week to week. One week I feel like its "normal"- I want to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and might throw a snack or two in. The next week I could eat anything and everything in sight and feel like a bottomless pit. Then, other weeks I have no appetite until toward the end of the day and its mostly because I haven't eaten anything all day and my body NEEDS food.

I do drink my water through the day, but I don't drink enough of it or as consistently as I'd like.

I've been trying to figure out why I'm just in such a funk/rut lately and the only thing that really makes sense is lack of motivation and I'm being LAZY. I feel like lately I've been doing a lot of "running" (not the good kind) and just have a million things going on between teaching/lesson planning, being a behavior consultant on the Behavior Team at my school, being on the Positive Behavior Support (PBiS) Team, IEP meetings, Staff Meetings, New Teacher Meetings, and then Tutoring 3 days a week I'm just spent.

I'm not purposely making excuses for myself, but those are just honestly the major things that I can think of that just have me feeling a little overwhelmed which makes it hard to fill my plate even more with working out when all I'm wanting to do is eat something and go to bed when I get done with everything. Maybe I just need to take a week or two (two weeks max) to just get used to my schedule (I just added the tutoring 3 days a week a week ago) and give myself some time to just be in a funk. I might need to just give myself time to get comfortable with everything that's going on.

I read this article about steps you can take to get out of a rut and it was a pretty good one:


The article gave a list of 10 things to do to get out of a rut:

How To Get Out of a Rut:

1 – First realize that you are actually stuck in a rut.

Ok- I realize that I am in a rut- Check

2 – Figure out the source of your rut.

I think my source is just an overall feeling of being overwhelmed and busy lately. But if anyone has other suggestions as to what it might be- I'm open to ideas!

3 – Do you want to get out of the rut?

Yes- I do want to get out- I just think I might need to ride it out a little to be sure that I don't overwhelm myself by pushing too hard to get out.

5 – Define what inspires you.

My students are one thing that inspires me. Sure, there are days when I can't wait for the school day to be over, and some of them drive me up a wall at times, but the good/fun times definitely outweigh the bad.

I also love keeping my friendships and relationships strong which is something that I do like to put a lot of focus on.

6 – Develop a plan of action against the rut.

I need to think about this a little more but roughly my plan right now is to let myself settle into everything for another week or so and take a little time for myself over at least a few days of fall break and then spend the second part of fall break building in more of a routine that will keep me on track.

7 – Stay Positive.

Getting down and harping on myself isn't going to help- it will only dig a deeper rut that's harder to come out of. I need to keep telling myself that I haven't lost, I haven't given up, I just need to take a step back for a minute. I didn't fail and I won't. I think that's my one major worry is that I'm going to slip back and never come back out of this funk and I'm going to just give up like all the other times. I know that I can't do that, and I won't- I just need to keep myself in check and be aware of what I'm needing mentally and physically.

8 – Action.

The article says to join a club or start some activity.... I do NOT need anything else added to my plate at the moment, but I will modify this by saying that I will take more action and hold more accountability for my actions (or lack there of) and I will remain active in what I'm already involved in and will also begin to be physically active again.

9 – Express Gratitude for all you currently have in your life.

I really am happy/content with my life. I have great friends, great family, and really like my job.

10 – Take enthusiastic action each and every day.

I feel like I go through each day enthusiastically, but there are some days that I need to work on this.

So, that is the list that I am going to try to keep in mind as I go through getting out of this rut...

I just need to take control of the things that I can, and let the things go that are out of my control.

Until Next Time emoticon

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    emoticon emoticon
    1989 days ago
    Lot of us get in a rut and one thing for sure is you do realize you are in one.. but what jumps out to me is #6...what is your plan??? right now it sounds like you have a schedule.. a plan and a schedule are two different things.. well for me they are.. sometimes it feels like I am on a schedule I eat breakfast, Lunch, dinner snack everyday.. work out 5x weekly and so on.. but my plan is that I need to eat a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner and work out if I want to reach my goals.. the plan is to be healthy and live healthy and if it means scheduling it in a certain time to eat or walk or play. if it works then I keep doing it..

    it will happen for you. you are making effort or you would not be here

    Keep up the good work emoticon
    1989 days ago
    I hear ya sis. When we hit the rapids, the best thing to do is hold on and try to minimize the damage--ie, focus on maintaining your ground. Just do what you can do. You might focus on eating 3 times a day and drinking your water for now.

    1989 days ago
    While you are taking time to "settle" try to write down your goals/schedule/plan for after your 2 week settling period. You'll have time to tweak it and when you get to the end, you'll have a plan which may help you not to linger in the settling phase (just writing what would work for me - I can see myself lingering there lol) :) Also try to think positive. I've found it really helps me to take a few minutes, even if it's as I'm falling asleep, to tell myself "I am successful. I am strong. I am in control. I am healthy. Tomorrow is going to be a great day. I will be calm and happy tomorrow and get things accomplished" sort of like a cross between a pep talk and meditation. It sounded a little strange to me, but whatever is bothering me or stressing me, if that's what I focus on, it really helps the next day. I think especially falling asleep while thinking that gets it in my subconscious better.

    Okay, sorry for the rambling! I feel your struggle though and figured if I could help at all, I would give my thoughts. Keep us posted!
    1989 days ago
    just take one tiny step in the right direction and you'll build some momentum.
    when i get in a rut i try to identify the easiest smallest most convenient thing i can change and start there.

    1989 days ago
    I think you have a firm grip on what you need and a good plan for what to do. Looking before leaping is probably a good idea at this point. And adding more when the "rut" you are in is more of a "rapids" probably would swamp you emoticon I'm not sure you have time to add swimming to the mix? Sorry, couldn't resist, I'm just naturally a smart alec, lol.

    Take the time you ned to adapt and adjust, then make whatever changes feel right. Just don't everwhelm yourself. Best of luck to you! emoticon
    1989 days ago
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