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20 Pounds Down. Holy Cow!

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

So I weighed myself yesterday and hit the 20 pound mark. I know that my weight will fluctuate but I also know that now that I hit it, I will lose even more. I guess it is a mental thing as well as a physical thing.

Six years ago I lost 80 pounds. I refused to change what I ate I just limited my portions and exercised like mad. I was always busy. Between working three jobs, going out dancing and being a single mom at that time, I was always on the go. Life is so much different today. Now I am in school full-time, married and my daughter is in college. So why didn't portion control work a couple of months ago? I figured it out the other day while I was on the stationary bike reading Eat To Live. I outran my calories last time but didn't make the food changes that would promote sustained weight loss. When my thyroid crashed I continued eating the same foods, slowly increasing the portion size, and stopped exercising due to a complete lack of energy. My thyroid went undiagnosed for at least 6 months and that was all it took. All of my hard work. All of those many hours, days, weeks, months of being in the gym, running, dancing and doing whatever I could physically to lose weight just vanished. All of those successful pounds lost....gone. Because I didn't make the nutritional choices that could sustain me when I couldn't exercise, I gained it all and more back. I felt like a failure.

It's funny that I look at the Furhman plan differently. There isn't any real cheating. You follow it or you don't. Like Yoda says, "Do or do not, there is no try." Without the word cheat, there is no guilt. Some days are better than others for sure, but following the plan is just that, following the plan. In the last 2 months I have occasionally cheated, drank, had ice cream, even McDonalds (which tastes HORRIBLE now, the oil stays in your mouth, ew) and there hasn't been any extreme jumps in my weight. Sure it bounces around but anyone will bounce around. That doesn't bother me as long as the final number keeps on a downward trend, and it has. Had I not wandered from the path, I am sure that my number today would be larger, but I am not upset. 20 pounds!!! Who would be upset with that loss in just 2 months?! They would have to be crazy. :-)

So as this continues, I look forward to more successes. I look forward to surprising everyone, including myself. I am excited about this path. WoooHooo!

Thank you to my wonderful daughter Stephanie for nagging me until I read the book and for being a role model to your mommy and rocking this lifestyle! 21 pounds is huge and YOU LOOK GREAT!!!
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