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Who is wearing a size 12 Jeans? This girl!

Monday, October 08, 2012

After the thrill of being able to wiggle into my high school Calvin Kleins, I decided to go shopping for a few new items.

None of my clothes fit. The hand-me-down jeans my aunt gave me are starting to get too big. They are size 14.

I went to Fashion Bug and guess what? I bought 2 pair of size 12 pants! I haven't worn that size since high school! I was sooooo excited. I was dancing in the dressing room!

I also bought a great tunic sweater, a v-neck sweater, and layered look shirt, compression leggings, socks, gym pants, hello kitty underoos, boots and some lunch meat and soup. All in all it was a very productive shopping trip.

Oh, and as a reward for being able to buy smaller clothes, not only did I buy the clothes, I also bought an awesome Hello Kitty hat.

I am going to volunteer at the library tomorrow, and then go for a bike ride. I bought an awesome new hat and gloves that are designed for athletic activity outdoors in the cold weather. So, i think that will make my ride a little warmer.

I baked two pans of brownies today for the volunteers at the library. Walmart is sending a crew of their employees who have volunteered for the project to us in order to help get some handy things done. They are putting a bathroom in and everything for is. It is great!

I went to the doctors today, and she said she didn't even recognize me. She could not be happier with my progress. I am deficient in B12 though, so I got an injection. I go to see the surgeon on Wednesday and see what they have to say.

I didn't lose a lot of weight this week... only 0.2 pounds, but that could be because for the last three days I have ate chili and haven't had a BM. I could be bloated from all of the fiber from the beans. Who knows... I am going to wait a few days and weigh again and see whats up.

I think that is all for now
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