Diary of a mad, fat woman.

Monday, October 08, 2012

It can be difficult for those who have not ever been obese to understand the thought processes of a chronically fat person. I have tried working with weight loss experts in group settings and one-on-one. I know this may come across in a bad way, but in the interest of being completely honest in my blog, I'll tell you this: When it comes to weight-loss advice, I cannot relate to people who have never struggled with obesity themselves. I used to see a nutritionist, Audrey. She was beautiful, and tall, with flawless skin and perfectly manicured nails, salon hair, etc. And she was painfully thin. Too thin. She would always say things like, "I know how you feel. I was once nearly 20 pounds heavier than I am now." 20 pounds? Well I was nearly 150 pounds lighter than I am now at one time. How could I possibly relate?

I was given tips like:
- Eat one slice of toast in the morning instead of two. (Really? You mean eating half of something would be fewer calories? How stupid do I look?)
- Drink water instead of soda. (I don't ever drink soda. I nearly always drink water.)
- Don't use as much butter when you cook. (What? I only use EVOO when I cook. I HATE butter.)
- When you eat sandwiches, don't get cheese. (I hate cheese and never eat it.)

Why would someone assume that because I am obese, I must drink lots of soda and cook everything with butter and cheese? I don't, and I would tell Audrey this over. She basically said she didn't believe me, that I wasn't being honest with her. And that was the end of our relationship.

I have also tried group meetings (national company to remain nameless) with similar results.
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  • CRISSA1669
    I get what you are saying..I spent 25 years morbidly obese...have spent that last 18 months working my tail off to lose it. Yes, it can certainly be hard to relate to someone who hasn't walked in your shoes. So I'll look at myself and say what got me fat. I ate too much and didn't exercise...for the last 4 or so years I have eaten organic, grass fed meat, fruits, veggies...all of that..BUT I was I was still 273 pounds and morbidly obese. If you've been in Whole Foods you can see what I mean...lots of "healthy food" but also lots of overweight and obese what's the catch...TOO much of a good thing in my case and probably a lot of other people's case. Example...I was grumbling to my husband how I had started exercising and wasn't losing weight...and he just humbly said..."well, you eat too much" I acted all flabbergasted and said.." I don't eat that much, I eat organic, and blah blah blah" I told him I would see if I ate too much. I popped on to Spark website, which I my sister had given me a year or so prior..I started tracking my food...and guess what....... I ATE TOO MUCH!! My portions were way over the top...I snacked throughout the day too much and that is why I was staying fat. So on March 28, 2011 I started exercising and tracking FAITHFULLY and HONESTLY and the weight started coming I think WE need to really look at ourselves, with all of our good habits and good intentions....aside from having a medical issue which we should explore.....we need to really look and see what we are doing that is making and keeping us fat....I always say...most people know what to do to lose weight...they just don't do it or want to do it. Here is food for neice weighs a good 400 pounds...she is only 33. If you sit down with her at a restaurant, she will go through the whole menu saying "Oh, I don't eat THAT, I don't eat THAT, I hate THAT, don't like THAT...".........ok now........she's 400 pounds so we can all figure out that she is eating something!!! I pray you find what works for you..I KNOW how hard this is but you are well able to overcome whatever obstacles you face:)!!
    1964 days ago
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