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Monday, October 08, 2012

I fell asleep in the recliner yesterday afternoon and was still there at 4 AM this morning. I went into the bedroom and put on my night shirt and tried to lie down in the bed for a few hours before I needed to wake up to be dressed and bathed before the contractors came.

My husband has off work today, but our son had to be at work at 7 AM. I shut the bedroom door so when our son got up, it wouldn't wake us up with him turning lights on and off or shutting doors.

I heard a whirring noise and got up and looked out the window at the neighbor's above-ground pool. The water was calm and I wondered if a pump motor was going out. His pump was shut off. I woke my husband and asked him if he heard the noise and he said it sounded like a UFO-you know, the old Orson Welles War of the Worlds radio broadcast? So we searched out our own appliances, the water heater and a mini fridge we have in the basement because the noise seemed to be coming from the back of our house. I even went outside on the side deck and listened and could hear a train on the railroad tracks which are several blocks from our house.

When we both came back to the bedroom, the noise had stopped...until I shut the bedroom door. The noise came from the window that I climbed through the other day. When the bedroom door was open, no noise, but when it was closed, we heard the whirring noise. So.... I guess we are doing the right thing in getting the windows replaced.

The man that has a hauling business just came to the door and said he has wood in a trailer for us and.... wooden sawhorses!!!! We have a pair of plastic ones and they fall apart every time we use them to cut lengths of wood on. Yippee!!!

I am thankful, I can use them and the Skill saw and get a lot of wood done while hubby is at work.

I am sorry to disappoint any UFO hunters, but glad I found the source of the noise and that no motors were going to burn up.
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