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coping with stress

Monday, October 08, 2012

I have been under an awful lot of stress lately and like many others when I get overly stressed I open the fridge or pantry just to look for something to binge on. This has to stop. I thought long and hard about it today and came up with a few ideas for myself on how to handle these stressful moments.

I need to learn from my mistakes and focus on the positive in my life. Yes there are many bad factors in my life right now but I can not let those unfortunate mishaps destroy my life or my weight loss journey to better health.

First and foremost, I need to stock up on healthy snacks so when I want to grab stress food it is something that will not destroy my diet plan and make me feel like crap. I need to stock up on Fiber One snacks, vegetables, fruit, turkey or ham deli meat and so on.

Second when I feel over stress I need to remove myself from people and spend a few minutes alone. I can do this by going for a walk, put my headphones on and pedal on my exerciser, take a bath, go for a ride or even just sit on the porch and read.

Stress is the killer of my stomach, my nerves, my weight loss and my mental well being. When things start getting bad it's time to focus on what has been accomplished, time to get back on my feet and regroup.

I want this weight loss and I will not let things like stress trigger the negative thoughts and feelings within me. I'm here to conquer and win this battle not to give up.

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