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WARNING: Dirty Pictures in this Blog!

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Monday, October 08, 2012

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Heyyy!!! I want to say thank you to everyone who has left supportive comments, messages, and goodies for me about the Dirty Girl Mud Run 5k and Obstacle Course. I want to personally thank everyone as soon as possible :)


Some of you have asked for me to share my race experience and some pictures with you... well here it is!!!

A few days ago I posted a blog showing what I decided to wear to the race. When my sister saw my outfit she liked it so much she decided for her and her daughter to dress with batman stuff.. then she invited her friend and she wore batman stuff, too. It turned out really cute :)

The night before the race my sister wanted us to get together and take some pictures before we were all covered in mud. I had a hard time choosing pictures for this blog because my other niece took TONS AND TONS of pictures lol. It was so sweet of her :)

Here are some pictures of us acting silly the night before the race:

My niece, my sister, me...

I told my niece to "plank" on us.. lol

just more goofiness...

I went to sleep... well i tried to go to sleep. I was so excited and nervous that I was only able to get 3.5 hrs of sleep in. I woke up at 4 AM to get up and get ready for the race.

Here I am SUPER sleepy on the way to the race over 2 hours away.

My sister and I were both TOMming so we weren't feeling good... but we weren't goin to let that stop us!!!

We arrive at the race!

We had to walk 3/4 of a mile from the car to the race .. at least it helped us warm up a lil bit :) Racers are to arrive at the race at least 90 minutes before your race wave is set to leave the finish line. There were a total of 24 race waves. A new set of runners left the start line every 15 minutes. We were in the 10:45 am race wave.

Around 48 degrees F. We are about to get all wet and muddy!

I just received my race number and pinned it on my shirt!! It's almost time :)

When we checked in we received a Dirty Girl Mud Run T-shirt and charm.. YAY!

After checking in we went to turn in our gym bags with towels, clean clothes, clean shoes, etc...

HERE IS THE DREADED BACK VIEW PICTURE-- I can't wait until my back doesn't look like that anymore!

Now we watch a few race waves take off from the start line, walk around a bit, and look for cute costumes. We try our best to stay warm.. but we still freeze while

Here is a group that had big fake booties... SO HILARIOUS!!! They were in our wave so when we could watch them when they went over obstacles with their big fake booties and it was so fun to see!

Here was a cute group called BOO-BEEZ :)

Here is a guy who ran dressed up as a girl... I didn't think they allowed boys but here's one! He was with group of girls all dressed the way he is dressed. We asked if he was really running the race and he said, "yes."

AGGHHHHH... It is almost time for the race to start!!!!!

We head to the start line where a man stands up on a podium and tries to get us pumped for our race! The music comes on... the song is, "I'm sexy and I know it." We are all dancing and jumping up and down for several minutes before our countdown begins. I am with my little group in the middle of our wave. We begin to countdown.. then WE'RE OFF!!!!

Here I am at about a 1/4 of a mile in... STILL JOGGING .. I haven't stopped to walk yet.. and I am STILL SMILING!!! I have had people pass me.. but I have also passed some other people!! Many people are already walking and I am still jogging.. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! AND SMILING.. YAY!!!!!!

After that point my niece who was running after us trying to get pictures couldn't continue on the rest of the course.. she would meet back up with us at the finish line :)

The course had 11 obstacles total. We crawled through mud. We climbed up hills. I couldn't do the tall vertical wall climb.. I had to go over the little bitty one.. but that is ok.. I will get it next time! I did try though. I jogged often through the race.. sometimes even passing my sister, niece, and her friend!

The obstacle that I wanted so badly to defeat-- I DID IT!!! I don't have picture of me doing it... but here is what it looks like.

When I came down the net climb I noticed that people who had already completed the obstacle were waiting at the bottom watching me... seeing if I could do it.. when I got to the bottom many people clapped for me.. I almost started bawling crying. Great.. now I am crying thinking about it..oh well :) My sister was down there waiting for me too and she was so proud of me. It meant so much to me because she was so mean to me growing up ...teasing me for being fat. We didn't have a relationship until I was in my 20's.. and for years she has apologized to me for the way she used to treat me. Seeing how proud of me she was.... really really made my heart soar.

After the net climb we had to crawl through the lake and mud under ropes.. we were getting close to the finish! Surprisingly because we were so cold.. the water didn't even feel that cold.

Just typing this blog up is making me want to cry with tears of joy...

running to the finish.......more muddy water... gotta get to that finish!!!!


super excited!!!!!

GOING THROUGH THE FINISH LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
! I DID IT :) I was the biggest person that I saw racing from 9 AM until 1 PM.... I don't know if there were any racers bigger than I was. I know I was the largest person in my wave. I know it wasn't a competition.. but it was a competition with myself. I did not finish last and I was able to keep up with my sister, niece, and her friend.. and sometimes I even passed them. I can not wait to see what I can do in the future. I pushed myself.. and I even surprised myself. I faced my fears of social anxiety.. I faced my fears of being on display... I can not believe how many fears I faced that day.

For once I did not care if people were looking at me.. I didn't care if some of them were judging me.. I didn't care if other racers had a problem with me.. I didn't care if all of the people on the sidelines were staring at me.. I didn't care if my fat was bouncing all over the place.. . I DIDN'T CARE.... this was my moment and I was IN THE MOMENT! No one was going to steal that from me!

I FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After the race it took about an hour to get our bags.. get some of the mud off and change clothes.. and then start heading back to the car. We were exhausted and frozen.. it took us a LONNNNGGG time to walk that 3/4 mile back to the car.. but we did it with smiles on our faces :)

I thought of my spark friends.. I thought of my Lemon girls... I took you all through that course with me :) Thanks so much -- to all of you who support me and believe in me.

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