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Sunday, Oct. 7, Official Day 2 - Maximized Living Detox

Sunday, October 07, 2012

OMGosh, what a day I have had. I got a phone call this morning. My step daughter and baby at the bus station and the police and what a fiasco, but court we go to tomorrow. Prayers that things go well for us.

I got dressed, I went into the house and I weighed out of curiosity. WOW! WOW! to my surprise a WHOPPING 2 pounds down....So I have lost 7 pounds in two weeks. Granted it is water, but believe me, I will take it. The more water off of my body the better, and the fat can go right along with the It really gave me the extra boost for today to stick to it.

Today was partially hard. So many cravings for so many different kinds of food. I even got a headache and a little light headed and made myself eat some veggies and just a few nuts. Been tired from the stress of the step daughter, but other than that, the headache was short lived. I was told that the first two weeks that I could experience headaches, light headed, dizzy, shaky, tired, all of the same kind of withdraw symptoms as if I just quit smoking. They recommend to drink water and I can have cranberry juice, so that is ok too, it helps cleanse the system and make the symptoms go away.

When I awoke, I was quite energized. I just got tired after all the drama and the day went on. Also, I went for a nice walk and the pace picked up some too and I did a pretty decent hill at a decent clip for me.

Wow, 2 practice days of almost perfect and 2 official days of perfection...28 days to go!
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