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My hydration and nutrition strategies (continued)

Saturday, October 06, 2012

I just came home from a beautiful ride in NE Ohio, and again, I worked on my new fuel and hydration strategy. Today a little twist.

The suggestions in this blog may not be for everyone, so like everything else - you need to find out what works for you.

I forgot to buy yams (sweet potatoes) so my breakfast was sprouted bread with peanut butter. When we started the ride I had a GU roctane ... and that continued every 45-50 min almost religiously. My fluids - water and I emptied two bottles during my 85 mile ride. Ohh, I forgot - I also had a Cliff bar half way through.

I felt after the ride.

How on earth did I get that idea. I listen to Ben Greenfield's podcast and I have read part of Dr. Timothy Noakes' book "waterlogged". Dr. Noakes (a physician and sports physiologist) is advocating that you drink when you are thirsty. I is not a big proponent of sports drinks (and you should read the book to get the scientific arguments). Without regurgitating all the data - let me just say - what to the natives in in the dessert/jungle ingest when they hunt ... do they have Gatorade? Do they have power bars or GU?

I am not a native to the dessert or the jungle - so my eating habits are different, and that brings me to use the 'artificial' food, but based on basic physiological principles.

The bike ride was scheduled for 100 miles, but I have not ridden as much this year (last ride was a 100k a month ago), so I developed an issue with either my piriformis or sciatica because of the seat. It was a flat ride so not much riding out of the saddle. This weekend or next weekend I think will be the peak of the colors in NE OH. The ride also marks the last ride for my buddy who in a month will participate in the IM Florida. His first (at the age of 60)

On a different note - the ultra runner Lucho once made a comment ... it is not how much you train, but how much you rest. From a previous blog you will know I ran the Akron marathon a week ago. Have not done a thing since - and went out riding 85 miles ... and feel great!!!
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