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And the experts' answer to my question is.... (plus I don't have a stress fracture)

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Well, predictably, there was not definitive answer. Why do I keep looking for them!
But here are some of the highlights of the coach's response (they don't tell you which coach is answering. I'm sure someone else could figure it out by writing style, but it's not me!)

--They can't get into my logs (food or exercise) due to privacy issues, so they can't give that kind of personal response

--food should be varied, just like exercise

--at least 9 servings of fruits/veggies daily. I am sure I do not get that much. How to do that when I try to eat seasonally, locally? A new challenge to figure out

--alcohol doesn't help anyone. Put this in the 'tell me something I don't know' category. Alcohol (red wine at night mostly) still stands where all the others have fallen. Even coffee I've been mostly without for a while now. But that red wine... I guess I'm still not desperate enough to give it up in trying to live outside of the deprivation realm

--the most surprising thing for me was that they (he? she?) recommended NOT focusing on weight loss while I am injured. That trying to cut calories to make up for lack of cardio is a bad idea. Medically, my body needs the good calories to fight this injury, and cutting them is no good. Also no good is being so frustrated by lack of progress while I am pretty inactive.

A few people have mentioned cutting carbs. My carbs are pretty stable in terms of what they come from: oatmeal, popcorn (air popped), beans, rice, pretzels, and a few pieces of wheat bread a week. My diet, as you can tell, is not that varied. So I'm curious what people would recommend cutting. I'm open (at least I think I am).

I've decided to put the scale away while I'm injured. It's HARD! But it is getting me down in a big way. I reacted to that decision (predictably) by eating a bit too much yesterday. But today I am feeling back on track. We are going to a micro beer fest, so I already figured out my food around that. This is the area where alcohol gets me into trouble, I plan lighter meals to account for it. But I planned for 24 oz of beer. That's 2 beers. It's not like I'm drinking a 6 pack or anything (do i sound defensive?).

The other piece of news--undecided if it's good or bad really, is that I do NOT have a stress fracture. Am I upset that I've spent 10 FREAKING WEEKS IN A BOOT needlessly? No way. That would not serve me. OK, I did whine and cry a bit about it, but I'm looking forward now. Apparently I have an occult ganglion cyst, a cyst on the tendon deep within my foot that is crowding a bone and causing my pain. The thing that made me cry was reading that occult cysts are more painful that visible, more surface cysts. My negative voice has been having a field day telling me that I was being a baby and making this whole thing up. It did now show up on a plain x-ray, so I was feeling a little crazy. $500 and one MRI later and we have the diagnosis. I won't find out until Monday which tendon, which bone, and what the treatment is. I feel fearful, but I'm trying to hold that at bay until I have more information.

Whew! That's a lot.

I hope everyone has a great, healthy weekend, and is in touch with gratitude and positivity!


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    Good to hear that you're not dealing with a stress fracture. Your carb intake sounds pretty cautious and healthy...hmm, wouldn't know what to suggest in that area. Keep tweaking what you can. Wouldn't worry too much about calories vs. restricted activity as more times than not our workouts don't burn THAT much in the way of calories. I think its good (but tough, I'm sure!) advice not to sweat calories by reducing them while not working out and recovering physically.

    1777 days ago
    Annjie, you poor thing! I hope your appointment today goes well and that they come up with a good plan. I know it's been a frustrating 10 weeks, and I can't imagine what my negative voice would be saying if I'd gone through all that and didn't have anything to show for it! Good luck and please keep me posted.

    The coach's suggestions sound like good ones. I hope you are able to implement them and not get too down on yourself. Sometimes losing weight is just hard, and there's no explanation for why that's the case. You are strong and healthy (well except for that darn foot!), and that's certainly something to be proud of!

    All the best to you today!!
    1780 days ago
    First of all, 9 fruits/veggies a day? I shoot for 5 and don't always make that! Wow, 9 would be a huge challenge, but I can see why it would be healthy. The alcohol is not an issue with me. I quit totally in Nov. 2010 when I got my diabetes diagnosis. I miss the social drinking occasionally, but not too hard to say no. Good for you for putting your scale away while injured. I'll have to remember that when I have my foot surgery.

    I CANNOT believe your misdiagnosis....for 10 friggin weeks! Seriously! I had a foot screening about the bump on my achilles and the foot doc said they could take care of it when I have my bunion done ~ that it would go away with the cast I'd have on for the bunion removal. I don't know what kind of cyst it is ~ it was just a free screening ~ hope to get more answers at Friday's appt. I wish you the best news possible at your appointment on Monday. Let me know what the doc says.
    1781 days ago
    Hope your foot feels better soon.
    1781 days ago
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