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Adventures in Intuitive Eating

Saturday, October 06, 2012

I have been trying to experiment with two concepts at once....
Intuitive Eating and Metabolic Typing and believe that they go together.

Quote from the Metabolic Typing Diet by William Wolcott
"Make no mistake, your body knows what it needs. It will let you know at every turn whether or not you're eating the right foods and the right proportions. The answers you seek are all within you. There's no diet/nutrition expert, health professional, or medical authority who can compare with your body's own built-in intelligence."

My personal processing:
In my efforts to answer the metabolic typing questionnaire, I realized that I perhaps needed to experience a wider variety of eating to honestly assess how they made me feel. I felt that I had made some limiting food rules for myself for so long, that I could not answer some of the 65 questions. Also, I think it is fun to experiment. Here are my walks on the wild side.....

I drank a glass of whole milk for a snack. Talk about delicious. I'm not sure I have ever had whole milk before. I think this actually might make a satisfying snack.

I had a dark chocolate candy bar. This was actually very satisfying.

I ate a B/L/T sandwich on Ezekiel bread for lunch. This was very tasty, filling but not deenergizing.

I decided to add ground flax to my morning breakfast of Fiver-One and milk.
This was satiating and kept me fuller. Another day I added about 1/2 cup of low fat cottage cheese and found this to be too much extra food.

I ate a fatty dinner at a bar/restaurant.... fries, chicken fingers, 2 beers. We went by boat.
Well, for the 20 minute boat ride home I felt fabulous! Then I quickly went downhill.
I ended up being totally lethargic for the rest of the evening and fell asleep on the couch.
Maybe that's why I have a rule for myself that I don't eat a full order of fries; I just ask my husband if I can have 2 of them. Also, my rule used to be "no alcohol before 9:00 PM."
I think now my rule needs to be "alcohol rarely, and then, only one." I still need to figure out what to eat at places like this. My husband loves to eat in bar/restaurants and since we live in a somewhat remote small town, that's all that is around.

I ate a full supper at home of a large serving of meat loaf (lean meat and oatmeal),
real mashed potatoes with a couple pats of butter, and green beans. Again, I felt great for 20 minutes and then was totally lethargic, sat on the couch, got nothing done, fell asleep on the couch. I think it was the volume of food that I ate that deenergized me. I should have eaten a much smaller portion of meat and potatoes and a much larger portion of green beans, or added a salad.

I ate a lunch of 2 scrambled eggs, grated cheese, V-8 juice (rather than my usual salad or protein shake with fruit). This was satisfying. What was more satisfying was another day when I added broccoli to the scrambled eggs. That made it filling, but the veggies were something that didn't seem to require extra energy to digest.

I was hungry between meals yesterday and the power was out, so I didn't want to open the fridge. With mild hunger and a sense of frustration and boredom, I went to the cupboard and grabbed a box of graham crackers, left over from summer some-mores (for the grandkids of course). I ate the rest of the box and didn't feel full. I would have eaten more if there were any more in there. About 1/2 hour later I noticed a vague sense of anxiety/paranoia.
No wonder I have made a rule for myself not to eat processed carbs.
They were easy to digest, but it was like eating nothing! It also seemed to have a negative emotional reaction.

These experiments led me to believe that I did benefit by a little extra fat (but not a lot of extra fat). It also made me aware that eating too much protein/fat food at one sitting is deenergizing for me. It also made me realize that I had been practicing some intuitive eating naturally. Some of what I thought were "diet rules" were actually ways that I could function better.

Planned experiments.
I will be experimenting now with the concept of 6 mini-meals per day.
I will eat mini-meals according to what appears to be my metabolic type, so that means
making my mini-meals include equal portions of protein, fat, and carb.
(Typically my snacks were basically non-calorie fillers such as raw veggies since I read somewhere that's what you should do.)

I will avoid alcohol for at least one week. I think as I get older, it really is not good for me.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You are wisely learning our bodies are our best
    compass, better than the experts, the scientists,
    or your best friend. LOL

    Learning to welcome our body;s guidance in
    eating, rest, and exercise is challenging as
    there is so much static in our world telling us
    and telling us that is "The Way." The danger
    is we internalize these messages and lose
    our mind/body connections.

    Our body is our very best friend and listening
    to it's guidance is always wise. emoticon

    1990 days ago
    Eating 5/6 meals a day has helped me. Although I'm making a large quantity of soup for dinner, I will eat one small bowl. Later I will eat a small banana. My body does not handle too much food at one time.
    Yesterday we met a friend for lunch. I ate too much. Today I am feeling bad with stomach cramps. I know that is the reason.

    We just need to stick with what we know. I never order french fries. If my husband has some that I know are tasty, I will limit myself to 3.
    1990 days ago
    Again, really interesting to read about what you are learning and your experiments. I have pretty much given up on alcohol too. Don't like to drink my calories and I fall asleep from it. Thanks for sharing.
    emoticon !
    1990 days ago
    Good blog.
    Before you go to the 6 mini meals, make sure you know how good you feel on your regular meal allocation (3?). One of the best parts of my 3-meal day is the hunger that develops and how good healthy food tastes when I am servicing the hunger. I will be interested on your experiment results on this. I have been thinking that the hunger effect wouldn't be as significant if I were to eat more often.

    1990 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1990 days ago
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