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This is going to be harder then I thought!

Friday, October 05, 2012

Shopping has not ever been on of my favorite strong suits anyhow and grocery shopping is right below cleaning the toilet bowl.

It wasn't until recently I really understood why.

I have been taking Nutrition classes, Sustainable Agriculture classes, and various other classes revolving around foods and our lifestyles. I've always been curious as to what the hype was and IF it was.

Well, I will admit. After watching documentaries such as "Food Inc" and "Forks over Knives" and "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" it's really changed not only the way I look at food, but what foods can enter this under remodel temple called MY BODY.

Now, I promised the man, the head honcho, the hubster that I would treat this like the topic of religion and politics in our house and although we all respect various ones, we don't preach it. Fair enough, right?

um.....but then there's shopping.

Because he isn't quite caught up in what goes in our bodies as passionately as I am and because the budget matters more (like in so many households) as far as prioritizing it, we come across a few obstacles.

For example:

I bought organic sugars. I bought several of them because I wanted to try them out and see what everyone thought. So first was Sugar in the Raw, then Organic coconut sugar, and both were very very good. Sweet. My girls are all for organic and healthy eating. They always have been and honestly, they probably feel like they influenced me into this thinking. I'll let them think that.

We all go grocery shopping and hubby picks up a 5 pound bag of sugar. I tell him "honey, we have two bags at home....I just bought them" to which he replies:

"there's something up with that sugar"
"Yes there is" I say "it's real sugar"

He gave me the "look".

You know which one I'm talking about...the one that says "yeah right" then rolls the eyes to the ceiling as the white sugar goes in the cart.


It's been like that with pretty much everything: brown rice versus white rice, whole wheat bread versus white breads, even the flours get bought doubled (whole wheat versus white)

Today he came out of the bedroom holding the toothpaste. "really? " he asked I smiled..."whuuuuuat? It taste like mint"

"it makes me gag and want to puke" (my turn to rolls the eyes)

so, now I have to go buy his own toothpaste, which I don't mind cuz he's a cap leaver offer and mashes the tube. I, however, am not.

We go out to eat: "I'll have a hamburger, no tomatoes, no onions, and she will have your sawdust burger"

emoticon emoticon emoticon

so to say it's becoming a little more difficult to incorporate foods into the house might be an understatement. I picked up tofu and threw it in the basket the other day and he says "woman, are you TRYING to kill me?" to which I replied "depends, have you up'd your insurance yet?"

and it's not just the eating. I like to run....correction I like the attempt at running. He FEARS running I think. Normally I'd be like "no biggie, I run he doesn't" only I think he tries to make sure I don't run. He takes me on 3-5 miles walks with him, which I adore and we talk and talk, but if I bring up running I can actually feel his tension building as he explains how "bad it is for knees and joints" and how "it's especially dangerous for you with your eyes" and I love him but sometimes...GAH.

So, I think that may cross out runs like Disneyland or the Vegas Rock n Roll runs, or may just happen to coincide a run with a vacation?


I'm not going to give in though. I'm still pushing forward. It's just sometimes when I feel alone or defeated I have to come on here and remotivate myself. I've been on here A LOT!! lol

In other news:
We sign on our new house today. The 4th bedroom has been dubbed "mine" and I can do it pink blue green whatever. LOL Being a workout room, I don't know. I'll probably do something nice, yet simple :o) My family is so ready to move in and slightly cranky with anticipation. It will be nice to have a house of our own again and I look forward to the gardens in our tiny-er yard. Hubby says he's going to build me several veggie beds so I can "eat that weird rabbit stuff you've been calling food"

If he's not careful, I'm going to tell him how I put zucchini in his brownies and how I put the organic coconut sugar in the regular sugar bag!!

Until next time.....

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I have the same problem with my husband. My parents and siblings are all healthy in their weight and habits. My husband's family is quite the opposite. Their habits have been passed on down to my husband and I didn't fight them very well when we married.
    It took me entering an essay into a contest for a free gym membership for him to see the problem. I wrote about what I thought was the problem with my weight gain and physical shape. I won that contest, then told him I entered it. I then allowed him to read it. He was in tears when he finished, and has been very supportive of me in my endeavors. Sometimes it takes a bomb to take out the flea!
    1902 days ago
    "Oh my god woman are you trying to kill me".....that would be what he would say if he knew about the "sugar swap". I'm over here sides burning from all the laughing I'm doing right now!
    I know how you feel...there are times that I think if we don't mess up our own plans as far as diets and workouts our husbands do it for us! Mine as you know is so supportive but he also has his moments where I would like to kick him! He doesn't think that running is good either and does not understand why I want to be able to run a 5k (or more) without a break. But then I don't understand why he likes to watch horror movies. LOL
    I have just come to realization that he is not me and no matter what I do I need to have the stregth to tell him NO when he goes for the treats, or hold strong when I want to workout....in the end if I am strong about all of it maybe he will see my success and want to hop aboard at that point too.
    1908 days ago
    It is really great that you are attempting to make the changes. I really do wish that he would be a little bit more supportive, but I am glad you are being strong about it.

    Zucchini in the brownie sounds really good. :)

    Are you doing the Paleo diet?
    1922 days ago
  • MOCHA2470
    It's good to hear that you are having the same struggles as me and apparently a lot of other people. At our house I do most of the shopping and I love it! I pick out what I want like whole wheat bread, non-fat or 1% milk, turkey meat...If my husband goes to the store its because he wants to BBQ and he will by red meat, potato salad and bread which I have to just appreciate that he is wanting to make a nice dinner that doesn't happen more than once a week. It has taken me along time to try to understand that he will change when he is ready and me pushing him towards that will never work.
    I know it is hard to have two of everything but you got to do what is necessary to be healthy for you. Keep living healthy and you will feel good about yourself! emoticon
    1925 days ago
    My family isn't taking my lifestyle change very well either, but my husband does try to be supportive. I know what you are going through!
    1926 days ago
    I'm living the same life!!!!
    1926 days ago
    HA! This reminds me of when my husband and I started changing our diet and shared why with our daughter and son-in-law. We were told, "No matter what you say, you will never get us to change our diet."

    They now have started a farm so they can grow and sell their own vegetables, raise chickens and only eat grass fed beef on the rare occasions they eat meat. Now they are noticing adverse reactions in their son's behavior when they give him processed foods - so, another change in diet in on the process of being made in that household.

    The video "Future of Food" is what changed their minds.
    1926 days ago
    LOL! I've introduced my dad to things by using half regular and half whole wheat flour in my baking. He usually can't tell, some things he can, most of the time he can't. And I've also gotten my parents in the habit of buying whole grain everything. As long as it tastes good and has good flavors, nobody seems to care. Which is good. :)

    I think you should paint your workout room a pale yellow, it's a calming, happy color, and anytime a room is yellow I want to be in it ALL the time, especially if there is natural light coming in. Or sage/celery green. I love those colors as well.

    I'm looking forward to having a kitchen again so that I can start making things from scratch so that I can control what is in everything. For now, I'm sorta stuck with frozen meals and easy to prepare stuff.
    1927 days ago
  • BAKER1009
    LOL...the kind of blog I would expect from you Cori! Your hubby cracks me up...and doubly so your responses to him. I think you should just shop separately, LOL! I know, that doesn't work well with the whole budget thing.

    Just don't give up on what is important to you!! You're doing great! Keep it going!
    Congrats on the new house!! So happy for you all!
    Speaking of Congrats...Kim got that job, and she'll be back in the building with the gym as of next Monday...so maybe she'll get her sweet tushy back on here and hang out with us again!?! emoticon

    1927 days ago
    Hi Hope,

    Wow, you are dealing with this very well. I'm impressed. My DH will talk the talk, but mostly doesn't walk the walk. I am still hoping that he finds a way to make it work for him.
    I haven't figured out the right things to say or do to be helpful, so for now I am doing my thing and keeping my mouth shut.

    Good job sticking to your guns! emoticon

    1927 days ago
    You are too funny! I am very fortunate in the fact that my DH supports me and eats a lot like I do. I do still fix him his favorite things when he wants them, but I don't always eat what he eats. His needs are different than mine. I have to follow the pre-diebetic plan and he needs lots of iron in his diet so he likes a lot of red meat. I prefer chicken, fish, ground turkey and such. We do find a way to balance it out. You will too. This is a great place to come to when you need support and motivation. Hang in there! We are always here for you.
    1928 days ago
    awww, no need to be irked...it does get hard sometimes but we are also a bunch of very sarcastic passionate people in this family. It's just that sometimes our pasison is opposite of each others. LOL

    I am glad (and not so glad) to see others do experience this very same dilimma. Guess we will all have to work together on brainwashing, I mean, teaching our families into proper health!!

    1928 days ago
    Best of luck finding balance! emoticon
    1928 days ago
    Sounds like my husband. Everything that "tastes good, [I] make taste bad" with my 'healthier' ingredients!
    1928 days ago
    Raw sugar IS real sugar. It's closer to sugar than granulated.

    I'm not going to lie--after reading this I feel...annoyed. I realize that not every guy is as wonderful as my boyfriend when it comes to "supporting my new lifestyle." But...

    He doesn't keep me from exercising--he supports my going to the gym, even if it means we spend even less time together based on when I can fit it in my schedule.

    He doesn't ridicule the foods I eat. He might not eat them, or like them, but he has no problem with my eating potato or black bean burgers instead of meat-burgers.

    If I were to bring tofu home, he would probably try it. Once. And regardless if he already decided to not like it, he would have tried it.

    I think your husband just has to come to terms with the fact that your choices are changing. And that's NOT BAD. But he should be supportive. I'll admit--I buy both types of sugars and both types of flour, because that (to me) isn't weird. But that "saw-dust burger" comment....that really irks me.
    1928 days ago
    I'm lucky in that any resistance I meet in my own home just looks at me and goes "meow" but I do have a small understanding of the frustration from going out with friends that aren't at all concerned about their health. IE...let's pick the restaurant where EVERYthing is fried except the driest most boring salad on the planet. It sounds like you have a good attitude about it though. Before I started running, one of my work out buddies would kinda jog along side me so we stayed together instead of splitting up over speed. Maybe try that while out for the walks with hubby? Good Luck!
    1929 days ago
    I can so relate to your blog! It is not quite as difficult here, but frequently, my husband is cooking his own dinner or breakfast. I really like how I feel eating good, organic fruits and vegies. Challenging, indeed. I applaud your efforts and am with you every step of the way.

    Congrats on the new home!
    1929 days ago
    We have similar problems when I stopped drinking for a while. I lost a ton of weight, but it was uncomfortable in the relationship.

    Lifestyle choices.
    1929 days ago
    You crack me up!!! You stay strong, my friend!
    1929 days ago
    We must have picked the same pattern when it came to that particular brick wall. Mine was all for me "adding" him to my diet plans when he saw me loosing weight--until he discovered just what it entailed! So now we do buy double on many things, some nights I cook double (that's so he thinks he's still in control, (like you I put zucchini in the brownies, mix the sugar, and found I can even get away with brown rice if I mix it with his favorite mushrooms & season it nicely then serve it by candlelight!), and I exercise by myself. As Carol put it--don't think I can re-train him now so I just have to keep re-training myself and cooking double! Good luck with your challenge!
    Have a great week-end and I hope you can get in a good run!
    emoticon emoticon
    1929 days ago
    I guess I was lucky, he ate what I cooked and never complained. good luck on your transition with the house hold. emoticon
    1929 days ago
    I have the same brick wall in my house that you do. I do sneak healthy ingredients into my recipes, and sometimes I actually get away with it. The toughest one to overcome has been spinach. I wish it wasn't so darned green. He spots it every time. Mostly, though, I have to prepare two different meals. If I haven't managed to retrain him now, I doubt I ever will, so on it goes.
    Keep pushing. Maybe some day he'll surprise you. I said "maybe"...lol
    emoticon Carol
    1929 days ago
  • LYNSEY723
    There are lots of challenges to changing our lifestyles - and living with other people is probably one of the biggest challenges!!! You are strong and you will get through it. And he... he can just suck it up! Also, if you want to run - run!!!! Don't let him stop you. :)

    Have a wonderful (healthy) weekend!!!
    1929 days ago
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