Jill's Inspiring Weight Loss Story

Friday, October 05, 2012

Thought I would share this with everyone here on SPARK. Even though Jill isn't a member, I find her weight loss efforts an inspiration...

Feel free to share it with anyone else who may need a little bit of inspiration as well.

Jill had been obese and diabetic for her entire adult life, then morbidly obese, and she was still getting bigger…. One day she simply said – enough is enough! She talked with her doctor, and underwent gastric bypass surgery. In gastric bypass the stomach is surgically reduced so you can only eat a very small amount of food at any one sitting. People who undergo this surgery typically lose half of their body weight within two years.

Nutrition and fitness counseling is provided, but many people find it difficult to follow the recommended lifestyle changes. Most people do lose about half of their body weight, but, in fact, by the third year many begin gaining it back and sometimes after five years, about 50% are seriously overweight again.

When I saw Jill about a year ago, she was, indeed, half the person she had previously been. I was very impressed, but that was only the beginning of her new healthy lifestyle. She truly meant it when she’d said – never again! So, after having lost that significant amount of weight, Jill began a weekly exercise routine that included walking, first around the block, then a mile, then she started jogging.

Last year she ran a 5K (3 miles). This spring she did a 10K (6.2 miles), and a couple of weeks ago, she completed a half marathon, 13.1 miles, on her 50thbirthday! Wow, how cool is that?! Many of us didn’t think she would see 50. What a fabulous birthday gift to herself and her family! Friends and family, including myself, came from around the country to run with her or to cheer her on.

She is truly an inspiration to us all. She looks fabulous, her risk for heart disease has plummeted, and her blood sugar is normal. And not only has she kept the weight off, but she is continuing to lose fat and gain muscle, making her healthier and more fit. You go, girl! I believe that by the time Jill has grandchildren, they’ll have a hard time keeping up with her!

Best of Health,

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