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When "Personal Best" Becomes "Everyday Normal"

Friday, October 05, 2012

I had another rough start this morning. Alarm sounded and I had about a 5-minute inner battle about whether to go back to sleep or get up and work out, as planned. I reasoned, "I worked out yesterday, so I'm good. I can sleep a bit more today." But then thought, "Yeah, but you felt so awesome after yesterday's workout. Why wouldn't you want that again?"

Somehow, I got up and went. Swimming again. You might as well get used to it...I have planned the next 52 weeks of training and the Prep/Base phase is going to consist almost exclusively of bike/spinning, swim and weight training. No weight bearing for this chick until February.

Got in the pool and, once again, didn't want to do my swim. AGAIN, it took me TWENTY lengths to even want to be there.

But today...today...would be a special day. (The best part about regular workouts is that you never know when these days will come around. It's ALWAYS a surprise when you hit a breakthrough.)

Today, I planned on my typical 30 lengths in 30 minutes. Was right on schedule. As I've mentioned before, my biggest issue is breathing. I frequently stop to rest (usually every two lengths). The most I've ever gone without stopping is 4 lengths.

This morning, I thought to myself, "Leah...just relax and stop tensing up your body. If you think about it, your body feels just fine. There are no rules...you can breathe as much as you want. Who is stopping you? This stopping every 2-4 lengths is 100% mental. You can beat this right now."

At 20 lengths, I had 10 more to go...just 5 full laps. The most continuous laps I've swam is 2. I challenged myself to swim my last 5 laps/10 lengths without stopping. Slow and easy, Leah. Slow and easy. This is a "cool down".

So, I did it.

Yep. But I didn't just do 10 lengths. I still had 3 minutes left after 10 lengths. So I did 4 more lengths. (That's my personal best - 34 lengths - the past two workouts in the pool, I've done 34. My personal best has become everyday normal!)

So, yeah...swam 14 lengths without stopping.

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