Getting into the game

Friday, October 05, 2012

You know, it's easy to talk about losing weight; we can even know a LOT about weight loss; what works for us - but the truth is, it's a daily challenge. My challenge is just staying in the game. Most of the time, I do OK, but occasionally I find myself thinking outside the parameters I've set for myself - not forever, but for right now.

Knowing myself like I do - I have to keep giving myself a good talking to & yell "STAY IN THE GAME" - I'll be OK, I'm having a moment!

I've been crazy busy for weeks & have had my apple cart tossed over. Too much coming my way - mostly good, but still too much for one person to keep up with....but while I realize that things might not completely be slowing down, I need to get back into the game, commited & ready to go.

How's your game? You doing OK or are you struggling? You may have to do what I'm doing today - give yourself a talkin' to!

Have a GREAT Friday!

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