Walking to Strengthen my Back and Core and Spend Quality Time with Family

Friday, October 05, 2012

It has been a long times since I've added an entry here. But I did want to share that just walking with my husband helped me get back on track. I had gained 11 pounds from my previous old company stress and craziness. Now it is taking some time to go back to the original weight I had when I joined this online health support community. I've lost 8 pounds from not only walking, but doing a lot of stretches and yoga moves as well as limiting my meal more and not over eating.

Having a slip disc also triggered getting me back on my healthier size. I also had a health screening at our work outing and found that I had high bad cholesterol which I never did have before. Also I began hating wearing my nice work pants because of my weight gain. Ever since I acquired my new job, I've been even more intrigued that many of my co-workers just look great at work. They are healthy and dress very professionally. My bulging stomach basically bad core would not pass anymore.

Thanks to the great team I work with for physical therapy, they have shown me workouts that do not require sit ups. If anything my therapist said that it causes more patients for her to treat. A simple laying down and pressing my abdominal while tightening it as best I can while breathing actually helped. I can now lay down and feel that my abdominal muscles are starting to get stronger. There are many more simple workouts don't need to be crazy bootcamp style that has helped me more. We do the child's pose, downward dog, cat and cow stretches. All these work my abdominals better and also help my back. There are even foam roll exercise that at first try they are not that simple, they still work my abs, my shoulders and strengthen my upper and lower extremities as well as protect my slip disc. I have a pinched nerve and for a little while I couldn't even control my right foot toes because they lost feeling. They felt like they were asleep for days and weeks.

At any rate, combined stress, not eating at the right time or eating too much as well not exercising the correct way, plus the weight gain caused my back pain. I am thinking of it in a positive manner. Because of this pain I am now even more enlightened and found great physical therapist that have taught me simple and healthier exercise that don't require crazy and intense workouts. Sadly my slip disc was triggered with me doing an Insanity workout. It really was not the video's fault. It was me not listening to my body more and not listening to my husbands careful warning to be careful.

The lesson here that I want to share with others is listen more to your body. It does warn us quite a bit. Listen to the correct hunger signals, don't wait till you are starving. I've been trying as much as I can to snack more in between and not eat so late either. Do walks with your spouse or your kids. I've been doing the walk with my hubby more and it has worked wonders for our relationship especially. We are now doing something together for our health. He also has been going to the same physical therapist for his shoulder and he has a learned a lot just like I have. My little ones enjoy the walks and I've learned that at least one loves to run :). I also pointed out that walking is great because you can do it more consistently. Other more aggressive workouts we tend to do in short burst and not follow through consistently. Consistency is definitely key and continuing this as a lifestyle step instead of a workout. I'm trying my best to think of walking or any physical activity as something we can enjoy everyday rather than feel like it is just some mundane task.

Hope this helps.
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    You are so right - everyone is different, and just because an intense workout is good for one person doesn't mean it is right for me. Our bodies will tell us how far to push if we're just tuned in to listen! And how awesome that you are not only improving your health but also your family relationships with your walking. Thanks so much for sharing these great reminders!
    1965 days ago
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