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I feel so behind!

Friday, October 05, 2012

I have soooo many blogs to catch up on! I checked my feed this morning and there were at least two pages of various updates I've missed! This doesn't even count the people who choose not to broadcast when they update a blog. I rarely ever see those because I'm so caught up in my feed! GAH!

Sometimes, spark can get a little overwhelming :P

So, I did as many hit& runs as I could on the blogs this morning and thought about updating myself. I almost really didn't want to write a blog today, but it's been a few so I figured I should.

No news on the weight loss front! I am still working hard, though. On fair day, I got my bike in before we went, and a lot of walking done at the fair. I was a bit sore after that, but I held out really well and didn't feel totally beat like last year. I also got full really fast and couldn't help my brother try EVERY finalist this year :P Fair day is the annual "no track" day, because when dudes are making up weird fried crap in the garage, how does anyone really know how to track that??

So, over the course of the day, I had 2 bottled waters, 2 beers, a fried mach& cheese slider, one of the masa firecracker things my brother got, a bite of his deep fried jambalaya, skipped a taste of his fried pork wing, skipped the grilled alligator this year.. uh.. what else..
We shared some kraut balls, I ended up skipping my corn dog, I totally ate 75% of that deep fried chocolate tres leches cake.. (it was so awesome!), and we both skipped the picnic on a stick and the deep fried bacon cinnamon roll. I don't know if there was anything else or not, though. I totally can't remember. My brother's magic 8 ball said we'd both be eating ice cream before we left, but it lied. I decided to try one of those chocolate-covered frozen bananas as suggested by a certain fellow spaker ;)

I do have to admit something rather shameful, though. It was too sweet! I actually threw away some of the chocolate. I was crying inside as I picked off the chocolate into a trash can when I realized I just wanted to finish the banana! :O

When we finally got home late in the evening, we both agreed we wanted something not-fried for dinner, and he got all excited about the new Freebird's that opened here in town. I think it's an Austin-based chain, so I'm not sure what he was so excited about. He eats there all the time at home! Anyway, I got the smallest burrito, and it was really good. I guestimated that at about 680 cal, though. That's a hefty meal for me. It IS something I can swing every once and a while, though, if I plan for it and skip a few snacks. That's good to know.

I also resisted my brother's evil, gluttinous ways yesterday when we hung out all day. He is tall and thin. He's got a tiny bit of a beer paunch now, but he's a bastard. He eats junk and candy and drinks beer and eats like 8lbs of meat, and just doesn't work out. I had to look this up. I mean, everyone on mom's side of the family is overweight. But if you look back at the old family photos going back into the 1920's, it's always the same. Everyone is heavier except for ONE male every generation. That one is tall and thin. He just lucked out! I tell him his real dad is the milkman. :P

Anyway, his years of inactivity and beer sometimes catch up to him, and he has to diet for a few weeks to get rid of the beer belly. lol So, every time he visits now, he still pigs out, but he works out with me in the morning! He didn't bike on fair day, but he did do the pushup video with me yesterday.

Can you believe that? I had 2 other people working out with me yesterday! One of them mentioned they hadn't seen the ab ripper vid yet, and I was like "LET'S DO IT" I think I heard moaning. But they tried to keep up! We finished it and I ran around the house yelling BEEF CAKE!! BEEEEFFCCAAAAAKKKEE!

Now, I'm sore as heck.

Oh! New Protein shake reveiew:

Oh Yeah! Strawberries & Creme 14oz (220 cal, 32g protein, 3g sugar):


I should know better by now. No strawberry protein anything can taste good. This is disheartening, because I also bought a strawberry muscle milk! nooooo! lol

Anyway, this Oh Yeah! brand seems to have some of the highest protein numbers I've seen so far in these pre-mixed drinks. I checked the protein for you guys, and it looks like it's all whey/ dairy. I didn't see any soy. This is the second Oh Yeah! I've tried. The first was chocolate. Both have that protein funk aftertaste. I probably won't get them again, even though the protein numbers are amazing and they are pretty low cal for the volume you get. They also have a 130 cal sized bottle that I sometimes have on those days where I feel like I want to eat the house. I spend the extra 30 cal over my usual 100 cal snack to load on the protein, and it sometimes helps.

Hmm, what else? I found out Nerds Ropes are only 90 cal per candy. That is dangerous. I freaking love those things. I need to stay away. I have such a sweet tooth T..T I will remember it, though, just in case I have one of those insufferable sugar cravings that my sugar-free werther's originals can't fix. (And really, those things are amazing and fix almost everything!)

Oh yeah! So when my brother was looking to eat an entire cow yesterday, I had a 4.25 oz beef filet and two little quail breasts instead of the 10oz ribeye we used to get all the time. I also didn't load up on steak fries like he did, and only tasted a few when we took them out of the oven. I wasn't sure exactly how many I ate, though, so I tracked it as a full serving just in case I ate more than I thought I did. I ended the day right where I wanted to be on calories, and felt like I won. I mean, I said no to boba! I resisted froyo! I didn't binge on willy wonka like he did! lol

Anyway, it's about time for the morning workout. My partner will (hopefully) be here soon. I have to get that done and rub more aloe on my shame. Did you know it didn't even occur to me to wear sunblock to the fair? This may have been the first time I'd worn a tanktop out in public like this in DECADES. It totally didn't occur to me that my lily-white shoulders might burn! Oh well, it wasn't that bad. They are just a little pink and sore today :(

I really hope to catch up on more blogs either later this afternoon, or tomorrow morning. You guys deserve better replies than some of the hit-and run stuff I posted this morning. lol Sept seemed like a bad month for many people! Oct will be better for everyone, I hope.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You reviewed some other protein shakes and stuff before, right? So far, what is your favorite?
    1993 days ago
    I get the banana with the nuts on it too. I think the nuts balance the chocolate and I haven't had one in like 3 years. (Haven't gone to the fair) I am seriously jonesing for that, a caramel apple and the NC State Icecream and my grilled corn...

    Beefy.....everytime my BF and I pass a jogger or cyclists he start with the "oooo...beeeeffffyyy" It's hilarious! That's what the beef cake comment does for me too.

    I think if I can get through the next 2 weeks that the numbers will start moving, just gotta keep going!
    1993 days ago
    Don't be ashamed of throwing away some of that chocolate...when you cut a lot of sweet stuff out of your diet, fruit will seem so much sweeter and in a lot of cases, tastier! Fresh bananas, watermelon, and strawberries make me so much happier than just chocolate, but if I can do a little dark cocoa powder on a banana or the strawberries, it's the best of both worlds. I count your "shame" as a victory, lol!

    And I'm the same way with tank tops. In fact, I had never wore one, even inside, until last year. I haven't quite gotten up the gumption to wear one in public, but there's always next summer :) The bra straps and the big "girls" confound me.
    1993 days ago
    I always love reading your blogs!

    My brother is also a poor influence on me. He eats sooo much junk (Soda pop, candy, chips, large portions, fried evernthing...) And we spend a lot of time together, it's hard to abstain from some of them!

    Example: For last night's Borderlands 2 shananigans he offered to bring over snacks. He's been VERY supportive of my choices lately - except last night when he brought over my favorite chips, beef jerkey, and chocolate.... WTF?!

    Though, it should be said my brother and I are of the same body type - he goes to the gym every day practically to maintain his figure :-P

    Don't beat yourself up over the scale, I'm quite certain that you're getting stronger every single day!
    1993 days ago
    I know what you mean about the overwhelmingness of spark at times, but I'm glad you blogged, you seem cheerier! I love that you ran around the house yelling beefcake. =)

    I have to say quail breasts sound like tiny morsels of deliciousness. I've never had quail, sadly. =(
    1993 days ago
  • KIMPY225
    Just because he is thin doesn't mean he is healthy! Eating all of that junk isn't good for anyone!

    Spark definitely is a bit overwhelming sometimes. I like reading other blogs, but then I get caught up! It will be tough for me once tax season starts & I won't have much computer time!

    Have a wonderful weekend! Don't eat the nerds! haha
    1994 days ago
    We all have our limitations. In my family I am the one who has to be careful about what I eat. Oh well. God picked the limitations, not me.
    1994 days ago
    It's good to hear that you had a fun time at the fair! Haha you tried a lot more food than I did, and I will admit that frozen banana is really sweet with all that chocolate - that was definitely a slow eater for me. Hopefully your sunburn will come out alright. I've only had one or two in my life and they were awful!

    No news on the weight loss front is better than bad news, especially since you just got back from the fair. Haha if I had binged on fried goodness I would have easily gained five pounds. I'm sure that "no track" day will really through your metabolism for a loop and now that you're getting back on schedule I'm sure you'll really start to see results soon.

    Have a great workout!
    1994 days ago
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