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It's a New Dawn..

Friday, October 05, 2012

"It's a New Dawn. It's a New Day..... It's a new life for me. And I'm feeling good." Cue the jazzy music. Sing it Nina Simone. Or Jennifer Hudson... whatever.


I have a plan.

The elementary school that V goes to doesn't want her there any more. They are making that pretty clear to me with their actions. They can remove her from the school as she is there on open enrollment. They can put her back in this crappy in academic probation school on the other side of town. Or so they think....

M came up with an excellent idea yesterday. You see we tried enrolling DQ into a private school because our home school (there are 6 elementary schools in the city we live in) was in academic probation. We would have received a scholarship from the state for DQ to go to this private school because of the academic probation situation. We had her enrolled, attending, and things were great... then our scholarship was revoked due to the way our custody papers read.

Bear with me. I know this is confusing. But I do have a point.

You see our custody papers read that another school in a neighboring city is responsible for the girls, as that is where my nomadic sister briefly resided before she left the state. This school is an excellent school. It isn't in academic probation. It has before and after school care for working parents (Latchkey). It is where some of the girls in DQ's dance class go, we talked to DQ about it and she is very excited to be at the same school as her dance friends. M figures if we can lose a scholarship to a great school because this is their "home school" and it is so great... then why don't they go there? DQ is very intelligent. She has been doing well in her tests. She is an asset to the school, so they want her there... V isn't right now because of her behavior (that we are working on getting under control). But if they lose V... they lose DQ too.

He has a good point. I talked it all over with the therapist. She thinks it's the best idea we have had yet. So new game plan... begin moving DQ to the school that the custody papers say is responsible for her. I have a meeting next Thursday with the day therapy school for V, so I have the ball rolling for that. Once V has made it through the day therapy program successfully, then she will start at the new school with DQ. A fresh start. A clean slate. We can do this.

My eating yesterday was pretty awful. I stress ate a bit. I was on the go from 7:00a till I got home at 8:30p. I did however, get my Color Run packet picked up.

And I got the girls both to therapy. Then I got the shopping list for the reunion all made up. I've got this.

Today's weight: 192.6

Today's Morning Back Pain: 3

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