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Counting calories?!?! Family and school.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Just got done walking at an incline of 10 on my butt and legs are feeling it lol at least I know it's working! emoticon I am thinking about next week starting the nutritional tracker...however....I am kinda a little overwhelmed by it because there is so much in there meal plans that I am swapping out due to just not liking tomatoes....I Can Not eat a raw tomatoe...I wish I could at least handle the taste of them because I would make myself eat them just because they are really good for you. Just using that as an example...

Anyways I don't think it will be so overwhelming if I start planning my meals a whole week in advance. But I am trying to figure out how to make it easier since I am new at this. I know frozen meals are not very healthy but they are easy so I am thinking about buying the healthy choice meals and using them for dinner. Dinner time can be so overwhelming for me because of trying to please my whole family. I'm also trying to find some meals that I can make and freeze myself for the week. I love my husband but sometimes I just wish he was more supportive in my weight loss journey...I don't want to make 2 different meals every night....he says his mom always threw sandwiches at them for dinner and he hates small dinners and wants 4 coarse's easy to say well tell him to make his own meals but he works 10 - 12 hour days in a very physically demanding job....I stay home with our daughters and do school online part time. But even with not working I still feel overwhelmed at times. I keep telling myself that right now my main priority is my health my family and school but that can be so hard to balance. Regardless I am doing my best and I can do this!

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MOONSTORMER 10/5/2012 8:57AM

    geez, sounds like quite a mission. some things i do:

1) make soup in bulk. this way i can freeze much of it and not have to cook soup all the time when we want it for dinner or as a 'starter'

2) make the same meals for me and my husband, but adjust portion size and some elements. i will maybe have a small spoon of starchy food (pasta, etc) where i will give him the full portion. then you can just track the half portion on spark, and if you decide to go back for seconds, it's a full portion.

hope that you find your way through this - this whole journey can be so difficult!

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BUBBLEJ1 10/5/2012 6:25AM

    You shouldn't have to cook 2 meals. Why not cook healthy meals for the whole family? The whole family should be eating healthy, not just you. Yes, there will be whining to start with; Change is hard! But after a while they will be fine. Maybe your kids and husband can all request 1 meal per week, then the rest of the week it is your choice? That sounds reasonable. After all, you aren't a short order cook! You can even try and healthify their choices.

Personal story: I do most of the shopping and cooking in my house. I live with 3 adults, my parents and my partner. I cook healthy meals. I cook Spag bol, tacos, stir fries. I have never heard a complaint, even though my mother would rather have 4 cheeseburgers, a large fries and a coke any day of the week. Why do I never have complaints? Because it tastes good, and eating what I make is easier than making something else or taking over the cooking duty.

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SLIMMERKIWI 10/5/2012 6:07AM

    Where it comes to your meals, why not make a variety and freeze single serves. That way you can have what you want, and so can the family. It takes a lot less prep time overall, a lot less power/gas is involved so saves money there, it saves time when rushed or tired - just grab and heat - has the potential to be much healthier than the store-bought options (and much cheaper), can take advantage of the good specials buy bulk buying, and you can put in exactly what you LIKE and leave out what you don't! I do this all the time - hubby and I had totally different requirements for medical reasons. Mine I would divide by the number of servings I had, and then enter a single serve into the Groupings section, including the date for easy identification. They date also gets put onto the container including what it is. I have quite a selection to chose from at any given time. It works wonders. I do this for really healthy pizza (even better than SP's Chef Meg's versions), soups, casseroles, and even some sandwiches. Good Wholegrain bread, and Roast Lamb, thick Mint Sauce Concentrate and a little low fat grated cheese, or Roast Beef with Horseradish Sauce, and they are yummy zapped in the microwave, either on their own or with a vegetable soup or a salad for a really balanced meal. It takes the hard work out of it.


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SANITYDREAMER 10/5/2012 12:44AM

    hey hey! I don't know about other people but I think being a stay at home mom is a very demanding job! Don't sell yourself short on that and I'm sure you do get overwhelmed but the fact that you are trying to all of that shows that you have strength. It takes strength to get up and try. You have a positive approach working for you and that's a good thing!

Keep your head up and keep trudging along and you'll get there! emoticon


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MSCONFIDENT1 10/4/2012 10:56PM

    Thanks so much for all the comments you have been leaving! It is so nice to get comments from someone who has walked the road before me....after reading your comment I actually pulled out all my biggest loser cookbooks and had my husband go through them and pick out a few meals for next week...he actually liked that idea and is excited to try new things. Cant wait to try them! emoticon

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    I think you sound overwhelmed! And all of this is,just what I would do in your shoes...

1. Do not eat thing you do not enjoy just because they are healthy. Try new things and experiment but don't eat it if you dislike it. It will be a set up for a.binge or worse failure.
2. When you have a couple of moments start looking up meals that are things your husband would enjoy but are healthy. the spark people recipes are full of them. if he needs dessert maybe you can plan things that are healthy there too. I make dessert once or twice a week but always something healthy and not for my sake since I rarely eat it but the family isn't going to suffer from a healthy dessert and meal. I also understand the not wanting to put more burden on him with his schedule my husband owns his own flooring business and him cooking his own meals into going to happen either. If there are some things that he would really want but won't fit into.ur play maybe once in awhile the frozen dinner isn't going to hurt or maybe u can make a small meal that you can.use the leftovers for lunch. or grill some chicken for a sad and then use the leftovers for salads or soups for your lunches.
3. him about the importance of your wanting to lose weight. maybe ask him to look through some recipes and make suggestions.

I hope you find some balance and great job on.the treadmill!!!

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