Thursday, October 04, 2012

My recent physical exam made me aware of many health-related things.

One thing, that I remember thinking EACH TIME I see my doctor, which is only when I have a check-up, is that OBESITY is a real problem, EVERYWHERE.

Every nurse or tech person that drew my blood, took my vitals, etc. etc. in the clinic where I go, is OVERWEIGHT. Not just by 10 or 15 lbs either. A LOT more.

Also, as I looked around the waiting room, almost every person there was in the same shape.

If I want to feel really thin, I can just sit in the clinic for a while and watch all the patients AND the EMPLOYEES, because they are all so overweight.

My doctor is the exception. As I wrote in a previous blog, he's very thin. He told me, during our long talk about health and exercise, that America is DEFINITELY going to lose the battle against obesity.

He, like me, notices how often food is shoved in our face. On tv and in person. He says he brings yogurt and fruit or some other light lunch to the clinic everyday. And if there is a meeting of any kind, he stays away from the food table, which is ALWAYS there, always loaded.

It's a battle. And only the most dedicated warriors will win.

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  • CAROLEE1945
    I have had the same experience. When I go places, I notice how overweight everyone seems to be. I subscribe to a blog called "Summer Tomato", the gal who does it is in her 30's and very food conscious. Well, she just wrote about gaining 5 pounds, inadvertently, just by a small change of lifestyle. She writes about it very well, and I recommend her website. What really strikes me is how just little habits really add up to weight gain.

    1992 days ago
    Orodeo73: Love your idea.

    Once again, I regret my too-long (much too-long) reply before this...telling you what you already know! :(
    1993 days ago
    Oh, there is just so much to say about this. It's a different world and there are all kinds of things written about metabolic syndrome, food addiction, problems with how wheat is grown and animals fed and hence how these things are contributing to poor health. And then there is the astronomical amount of pop (soda) consumed from toddlers on up.
    I have a very obese friend in her 60's who buys pop by the cases. I have a diet Coke or Pepsi sometimes when I go to Swiss Chalet (about once every two or three months or less). Even those of us with some bad habits can still do fairly well when we throw in some good habits. Ha!

    And convenience foods: it's not all bad but many people have gotten away from cooking from scratch and I'm one of them, except...most of the time I think I've struck a good balance except for money spent.

    My mother was a CNA (now called LPN) and she always said that those years of working without lunch breaks or sometimes without any breaks ruined her health (including bowel habits). But I questioned early on the switch from an eight hour day to a 12 hour day for nursing staff. I had a desk job for the most part but I would have been happy with five hours instead of eight. I think the 12-hour shifts have ruined many workers' health and for what? A few extra days to work at home!!! I think even for a family it's better to be able to have more time at home on a daily basis. I'm sure there are different opinions. Sometimes there are no choices but I think with the nurses, it was their choice.

    Now they're talking about hormonal and/or thyroid problems with BPA--from mothers to babies, etc.etc.

    I feel very sad for the people who are hooked on cheap carbs as a form of sustenance. I'm hooked myself but eat healthy food around this bad habit.

    Jamie Oliver had a show on TV where he tried to change a whole town in the U.S. that had a high percentage of overweight people, especially children. It was an uphill battle for him to talk school officials, cafeteria people, parents, etc. into accepting his ideas and changes.

    Well....I'm off to get a coffee at MacDonald's and perhaps a little chicken fajita...good coffee and not a bad lunch (I'll have salad for supper).
    1993 days ago
    At buffets, I really notice overweight people. They will have 2 plates full of food. Don't they realize that they can go back for more. They don't need that much food at one time.
    I start with a salad or soup. Then I get a vegetable plate. Sometimes I get a small drumstick and take the skin off. A yam or watermelon is my dessert, although those homemade cobblers really look delicious.
    1993 days ago
    This is so true. I have noticed all the heavy people, everywhere. In the news, on TV, all the people they show on the streets are very heavy. It's very sad that food is the number one thing on everyone's mind. You can't drive down a city street or on a highway without seeing signs for places to eat. Eating too much of the fat, grease, and sugary foods will kill more people than most diseases. Thanks for sharing this.
    1994 days ago
    The other day I was at Costco and I started noticing the people and their shopping carts and the tremendous amount of overweight and obese people among them. And.. sadly, the more obese were the ones with the trays of muffins, cinnamon rolls, breads and all that stuff. The thinner ones had the meat, veggies, fruits, etc. It was quite an insight.
    1994 days ago
  • -LINDA_S
    Yes, it's very sad. I would think it would be different between nurses in doctors' offices and those in hospitals, but I have no personal knowledge. You'd think they'd find a way to keep the healthcare personnel healthy so they could be better workers and not get sick or burned out. But I guess it's shrot term profit they're after, as usual.
    1994 days ago
  • MOGAL1946
    I think it's because we have it so easy now. I don't remember overweight people when I was growing up. If we wanted foods we had to work for it. Want milk...go milk a cow. Want a veggie...go to the garden and get it..then wash & prepare it. No McDonalds or Burger King back then! On a recent visit to my old home town, with my granddaughter, I made a comment about how my best friend lived about 5 miles from where I grew up and I use to get off the school bus at her house and then walk home. She thought that was unreal!! Course, those country roads are all gone now and replaced with four lane highways. Progress sometimes brings not so wise lifestyle choices!
    1994 days ago
    Yep, when I worked as a nurse I was thin and the exception to the rule. I was almost always the thinnest nurse in the room. Menopause and medical problems changed all that. So it is more important than ever that I eat right.

    Even at my weight when I go to the grocery store and shopping I am often one of the thinner women there if the teens are in school. Everyone is overweight now and lots are obese.

    I feel I must defend nurses though as I am privy to what goes on in these clinics and hospitals. Nurses don't often don't get the opportunity to eat right. I probably can count on one hand the times that I got my full lunch break and/or break. You have to grab something and go which leads to portable, bad, vending machine choices. I would take a healthy lunch and have no time to eat it . You can't eat anything with a spoon or fork or even sit down to eat it. You can't eat in the nurse's station and you have to answer the phone and patient call lights even if you could. You have to grab a minute and wolf something down. You are lucky if you can find a piece of fruit unless you brought it yourself and then there is no time to peel it. I was thin because I was in charge and couldn't even find the time to grab something. I had trouble finding time to use the restroom and I'm not exaggerating. I sometimes had to pee hovering over a dirty hopper because we didn't have a rest room in ICU and there was no one available to relieve me. No one can go 14 hours without peeing but I worked plenty of 14 hour days without anything to eat - thus my thinness.

    Your doctor is probably the least busy person in his office and I'm being serious. He comes in for 5 to 10 minutes to talk to a patient and do his otoscope, B.P. taking, hand holding thing while the rest of the work is done by his staff who run themselves to death. The staff answers the phone, makes appointments, sets up medical tests and does them, does your exam, etc. And from my personal experience while the staff is doing this the doctor is often in his office resting and eating his lunch. Or not even there. Sometimes his lunch is not healthy either. There are plenty of fat doctors. I knew one who would eat an entire bag of potato for lunch. Doctors are on call a lot so they have to pace themselves and most of them do or burn out. The delegate as much as they can. You had a long talk with your doctor but I bet his nurse doesn't have time for long talks and probably works through her lunch a lot. I worked with some really obese nurses who were actually very physically fit due to the 12-16 hour works days. And, 14 hours days happened a lot. It's pretty difficult to take enough healthy food for 10 - 16 hours even if you had time to eat it. They don't provide a lot of room for coolers. LOL. At meetings my former employer served healthy food and it was always consumed. Veggie trays and fruit trays were really popular and always preferred over the dry cheese sandwich.

    This is why there is a nursing shortage. You destroy your own health taking care of others. It's a huge burn out job. Been there, done that. emoticon
    1994 days ago
  • GABY1948
    This is so true! I notice this EVERYWHERE...and especially children...they are all FAR heavier than we were as children. It is sad...but it's not going to go anywhere with all advertising and prepared foods geared toward the MIGHTY DOLLAR...they don't care about people as long as they make the money! Truly sad.
    1994 days ago
  • ORODEO73
    Start small. Start with yourself and family then expand by sharign your results. One person you touch could each touch another. Its slow but its a start!
    1994 days ago
    Very true but maybe we can help change that one person at a time. People have to realize there is a problem and want to change. I'm working with my family to teach them how to make healthier choices.
    1994 days ago
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