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A Blog of No Substance (w/Pics!)

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Today is quite a day. I have so many emotions and strong words floating through my brain. Some bad news from my aunt's oncologist, plus a gray nastiness outside my window and, well...I don't trust myself to put words on a screen that will then be blasted to the masses. Knowing my luck, my blog would make the SparkMail and then I'd just have a LOT to answer for.

So, right now...I am zipping my lip. Here are some motivational pics that explain where I'm at (which is ALL OVER THE PLACE).

Oh, I guess since I'm posting motivational pics, I probably WILL make the SparkMail since that appears to be all it takes anymore these days. Doh! My bad...let one slide. WHOOPS.

Le Sigh.
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