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How was September?

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

How my September turned out for the goals I made. I haven't peeked so telling you will also be letting me know how successful I've been. I hope I didn't set myself for failure when i made them!!


For Spark People:

1. Change my target weight from 120 to 125.
I did change this and got up to 122 as of Monday when I saw my chemo oncologist for a checkup, which was very good, BTW!!

2. Change the number of daily calories from 1200 to 1600; to 1600 to 2000
I did this too. It has been difficult to eat enough, but i did not go below or over my set amounts!

3. Try to visit more teams each day and huddle and answer on one thread.
I wasn't so good at keeping up with this, but i did do my best!

4. Try to visit more of friends each day and comment or give them goodies.
I did a lot better with this. I feel it was accomplished!!

5. Try to answer my mail better than I have.
Here I fell down once more. As much as i try, i can't seem to get through it all each day.

6. Try to blog more and get some thoughts and topics in order.
When I joined the September blog challenge I did accomplish this.

In General:

1. Write at least an hour a day.
I did get this done. Often it was more like 2 hours a day. Plus I managed to come up with some new ideas for my November novel!!

2. Journal at least 5 times a week and in my grateful journal daily. Make it 3 things each day rather than the 5 I have been doing.
This was easy to accomplish, but I haven't started October very well!!

3. Try to compliment everyone when I meet them for the day.
This was another one that was easy to do. When I saw the nurses at various appointments and told them how nice they looked or how much I loved a piece of their jewellery or hairdo, I saw lots of smiles returned!!

4. Get caught up with my laundry.
Eh!!!! i did some but ended up having even lots more! I have added it to my october goals once more.

5. Work harder to follow my doctors' orders.
This I have done. I even got my blood draw done this past week.

6. SMILE!!!! As Mother Theresa said, we never know the good that will happen from a single smile.
I try every day to accomplish this, whether I want to or not. I have gotten a lot of comments from most people how wonderful my attitude is because of smiling. All my doctors say doing so has made my recovery as easy as it has.


My hope would be that any of my Spark Buds who have set their own goals have reached most of them and feel really good about themselves. There is so much love on this site to go around our members several times!! Isn't it great that so many think we are worth it? i guess i didn't really believe it or feel it until all of the comments when Bob would update my condition from treatments and the poisoning episode.

Everyone have a wonderful Wednesday. Today it's Bob's turn to go to see his doctor at the VA!! It's so nice for it not to be me for a change!!

Love, Peace, and Hope for the cure!


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