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Fall Colors Bike Ride

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

This is probably going to be my last road ride for the year more than likely considering my schedule and they way the weather is going to start turning. - freezing rain and snow by the weekend. November is too unpredictable and I am going home to NY anyway so that is out... usually snow on the ground by then. Today was the day to make it happen and boy was it a fantastic ride.

I had a general idea about how far I wanted to go but I always play that by ear since you dont really know until you are out there.

Here are the pics then I will briefly recap. It was so beautiful out there....
I rode from Marquette, MI to the outskirts of Munising, MI along M-28 and back to Marquette.

I started out the ride at a very easy pace for about 10 miles then began to pick it up. For the start my strategy was to go out at a super easy pace and conserve my energy. this was a test to see how I would do if everything was as good as it could be. most of the time Im dragging, just got off work, sluggish or whatever. Even then I seem to do pretty good.. 42 miles in 2:29 is good and so is 53 miles in 3:30 over some pretty gnarly hills. But it isnt as good as it could be since Im riding at a disadvantage of some sort.

This time, I was well rested, nutrition was up, and I hadn't done anything fitness crazy for at least 48 hrs ;)

Key points rather than bore with tons of details...
1) Pacing was PERFECT. When I finished, i was not at all sore or stiff and could have transitioned into a run without too much effort. I am still in good shape. for the first time, I could do a major effort and trot upstairs to take a shower and my legs STILL feel good at this writing. I have felt worse from 5K runs. I actually FEEL GOOD... very strange.. must research this closer to find out what the heck I did nutritionally etc...

2) Had to pay closer attention to safety this time. I hit the headwinds and crosswinds from HELL. They were coming off of Lake Superior at a good clip. Taking the downhills at breakneck speed in a crosswind like that makes a nut like me think twice. I still came off the hills pretty darn fast but I wasnt crazy enough to do it on the aero bars this time... I may be crazy but I'm not insane.

3) The cut off time for the Half Ironman bike is approximately 4 hrs 20 min for 56 miles. So far, all of my long rides this year have been well within the HIM cutoff. I truly feel that with continued weight loss and training, HIM will be mine. For those unfamiliar with the distances for a Half Iron distance triathlon, it is 1.2 mile swim, 56 miles on the bike then 13.1 miles on the run.

I am seriously considering the REV3 70.3 Triathlon in Wisconsin Dells in August, 11 2013. I have 9 more days to sign up to get the discount....

4) Total stats: 75.04 miles in 5 hrs 1 minute. 14.9 mph average speed, 34 mph max.
- my last ride was an average of 16.9mph but I didnt have the winds to deal with and I went 33 miles further so Ill take it and run with it.

Best of all, when I got back to the truck, there was an anonymous note under my wpier blade

It said Hey from a fellow 26.2 er, superglue dotted at the end or the beginning of a windshield crack will stop the crack. GO Swim, Bike,Run.

-yes my windshield has alot of cracks in it. That was SO cool to get that note. I'll never know who that was but if you read this, thanks :)

If you are going to do something...MAKE IT EPIC!

*** Yes there is a place called Christmas, MI... it is between Marquette, MI and Munising, MI. Pretty unique huh?
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