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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Tues. on the road at 4:20 am. DD is watching over the house part of the time, neighbor lady there part of the time and Grandpa friend is doing the man stuff.

Saw a deer first thing then many more through the day, visited brother and saw 5 of his extended family, over many mountains, through parts of three states, saw raccoon, fluffy coyote, red fox, llama, antelope and so many horses and cows, America at it's best. Crossed the continental divide, enjoyed planned treats at reststops and met so many friendly people, and walked the dog [ a figurine I have named Sparkett that is my encouragement to walk for health.]
Dinner of fresh corn, grilled chicken breast and baked potato -computer time in motel room and sweet dreams.

Day 2...oh many trains went through our motel town and each one blew their horn three times each of three crossings...not much sleep plus got "gluten contacted" food at restaurant [which means tummy ache, bloat up till I look pregnant and lots of time in bathroon] so started the day sooooooo sick and full fibro flare from no rest for 2 nights...but good traveling...lots of potty stops but got to SIL home within a half hour of planned arrival.
Took meds and had good sleep.

Day three - planning lots for rest and recuperation and visiting...already had good breakfast. Aaaaahhhh vacation is really starting today...Life is so good!!!

Day 4=Fri-very limited internet but enjoying vacation time ... healthy , happy and saw first SNOW!!!

Day 6 = Sat Family reunion day - all sibllings of DH and spouces and some children =14 people and managing to stay gluten free, no walking going on because of 4 inches of snow - the kids made big snowman but he fell over before we were done with lunch...thawing. Being blessed.
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