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The Seasons Change, The Hair Becomes Grayer

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Fall officially arrived weekend before last and I feel it's effects. Our weather remains changeable. It is sometimes fantastic for several days in a row. Just the way I like it - very little humidity, gentle breezes, sunny, warm - mostly in the 60s,70s, and lower 80s and then we have more Fall like weather. The drought is over though and we are having more rain now so the mushrooms have returned. It did get down to 38 degrees a couple of nights and one night we had thunderstorms, tornado watches, and warnings all night long - wave after wave directly hitting my specific county. It made it impossible to watch T.V. or use the internet but at least the power only flickered and then came back on. We may get our first freeze this weekend. Today was 55 and rainy.

The mosquitoes and chiggers were pretty bad like they usually are from the end of July through August and part of September. Hubby and I have had more than our fair share of bites.

Lately Hubby and I have been able to squeeze a few walks in here and there and I feel better when we can. I'm working on getting back up to speed on my exercise. I miss it and I need it.

My MRSA is in remission now. I'm trying to get back to eating on plan. It's challenging as the bad choices have caused me to have triggers. I should do a Phase One but am not ready to give up fruit as right now as it is one of the few things that is satisfying me.

I picked a bag full of colorful peppers a few days ago. I love peppers. They are so pretty but I try to take it easy eating them as they are in the nightshade family and contribute to inflammation. The garden season is almost over for me and I will be putting the garden to bed soon. My mums are blooming. Most of my impatiens are still doing well other than a few casualties. The leaves are starting to turn, subtly at first but it will hasten until by the end of October our trees will be bare.

We saw Daisy again eating out of the compost pile. She took off as soon as she saw us. We were hoping to coax her to come to us but she is still leery. I saw here again yesterday in another neighbor's yard and talked to her and talked to the neighbor later on. He is willing to give her a home and really likes her. He is a creep but he does like dogs. He was civil to me for a change and commented on my gray hair. LOL. He and his wife are around my age but they are dying their hair. I don't like to use a lot of chemicals. Gray hair is normal for older people but everyone seems to think they should cover it up. The neighbor didn't realize I'm 60. He is 61.

The turtles don't love the cooler weather and my feeding station really slowed down when the temps dropped. They love the hot humid temps. I had not had 9 turtles in days and have had none for over a week. I had not seen Big Boy in quite a long time before they disappeared and "S" didn't come much either. Big Boy was the turtle that "S" mated with. I think something happened to Big Boy. We found a turtle shell in the creek and it could be him. I hate it as he was one of my favorites. We also found a small turtle by the pond who was sick and eventually died. I so wish I knew how to save them. We have a lot more females than we do males here.

Hubby and I are keeping the bird feeders full. The hummers have not completely left yet but they will soon. I think most of them are already migrating. I saw three juveniles fighting last week at the feeder but they may just be ones passing though on their way south. The other birds are at the feeder a lot more than usual at this time of year. I think the drought caused a shortage of food for them. The birds who migrate, like the indigo buntings, are gone.

We have a ton of squirrels in the yard again and something new we have not had before - a white one!! There is a town in southern Illinois that has a lot of white squirrels and we even had one at our post office but this is our first one here since I've lived here for 28 years. The squirrels are still leaving the feeders alone as there are plenty of nuts.

My hubby celebrated his 56th birthday on the 14th. Hubby took the day off as a vacation day and my son was off already so the 3 of us went to the metroeast St. Louis area as we needed chinchilla food. We got food at a Petsmart in Belleville and then one in O'Fallon too. We went to Home Depot, Lowes, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Barnes and Noble. I bought a new paleo cookbook. We ate at Culvers.

We went to my MIL's house on Saturday like we do every Saturday. Hubby mowed and he sold the coffee table and 2 end tables plus some other items. This is the first furniture that we sold other than an ottoman. We have sold a desk chair now.

The next day we had to drive to St. Louis because Blocker is not feeling well and is losing weight. She had surgery on her teeth and then we went to Trader Joes and Whole Foods. I think hubby and I could enjoy these stores but they are so crowded that it isn't fun at all to be in them. We didn't buy a lot as we could hardly look. We ate at Culvers again and came home. Blocker is feeling great again but Porkie will need surgery soon.

My son went on his trip to Akron. He rented a car. It was a pretty easy drive in Illinois and not too bad in Indiana other than road construction on the latter. But he didn't like the drive around Columbus and said the rest of the drive from there to Akron was really long. He had a good time though and saw some neat things in Columbus, Cleveland, and Akron.

The other neighbor is still working on his pole barn and the tree trimming crews are still working in the area. They worked on the property next door to me yesterday and clear cut a huge path under the power line that goes over the neighbor's property. They are going to do our driveway soon.

I am trying to keep up with blogs and such but still seem to get behind. I am keeping up with my work around here better and actually getting some extra stuff done. I am sleeping better and am less stressed but still need to work on my diet and exercise.

Practically everyone has quit at the plant where my husband works except for the salesman, 2 people in the stamp room, the yard man, and hubby. The yard man is looking for a job too. We are not sure why. The owner is starting a second business a couple miles away.

We have been watching some new shows on T.V. when we have time.

Well, I'm tired. My son has 3 days off and we did 4 loads of laundry yesterday and then I worked on a ton of paperwork, and did a bunch of decluttering. My son and I cleaned 6 pet cages today and the bathroom, vacuumed, and then I did more paperwork. I'm tired but am going to do some more decluttering.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • BOPPY_
    Despite Fernado Lamas and Billy Crystal, it is better to feel good than to look good. And, if you look good, too. Wow. You will!

    Keep after it. It's working. Setbacks are natural, but I know you will persevere.

    MDW, Beth, just came back from MI -- her home state -- and she was cursing the mosquitoes who just about ate our grandson alive. Most unusual for her -- the stoic one.

    Have you tried those belt-clip fans for warding off the mosquitoes and other pests?

    I tried one the other day and it really helped against the black flies and mosquitoes.

    Enjoy your homegrown produce,

    Lee emoticon

    1206 days ago
    Loved your blog! So glad you are in remission. That is very strange about your DH's workplace. Wonder what they know or are disatisfied about . . .
    1409 days ago
    I'm so glad to hear that your MERSA is in check. I'm sure you'll figure your nutritional choices soon. Good to hear that you and hubby got in a few walks.

    I'm glad Ian got to tool around Akron, Cleveland & Columbus. I don't like driving around Columbus either.

    How great that you have sold some of your MIL's things. I hope the rest goes a little quicker.

    Erik and I were in Ohio from the 5th through the 16th. One moring while we were at the lake we had 30 degrees. We had to get some warmer clothes.
    It's good to read your newsy blog. I really enjoy them.
    Have a great rest of the week.

    emoticon emoticon

    1462 days ago
  • LIBRA73
    Wow! You weren't kidding! You have really had your hands full!

    I wish you the best in getting through the estate!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    1463 days ago
    Glad to hear that your MRSA is in remission. It has been nice weather lately for walks but I don't make it out to walk by myself. There are some good tv shows on some nights . I am looking forward to watching the Christmas movies on Hallmark and Family channel.
    1463 days ago
    I love reading your blog. I would love to have enough property that I could live off the land. Right now Im working on putting in my first garden this winter. I hope to put the vegetable garden in my October 31st. I will upload pictures onces its done. Happy birthday to your husband, I hope you two have a nice dinner out to celebrate.

    PS grey hair is better than losing hair! I hate how much scalp I can see now.
    1468 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/19/2012 9:52:39 PM
  • ENUFF81020
    Hi there, my friend...
    It was great catching up with you in your part of the state. I, too, an overjoyed to hear that your MRSA is letting up and giving you back some of your life,,
    Your weather patterns sound like ours. I am still getting a few tomatoes from the garden, and there are a ton of green ones out there, but they are fading away. I worked hard to bu I am sorry to hear of the changes the animals are going through. I prefer the summer, even as warm as it got this past year. I'll take that over this cold and dreary any day. I guess the reality is that we wouldn't know how wonderful the summer is without experiencing the winter. We need them both--but we don't have to like it.

    I expect that you'll get your eating and activity level back where it was before MRSA. I have finally realized what my own rhythm is and how to eat to lose weight and how to eat to maintain. I think that's exciting for me because I don't think I have ever gotten this real understanding about exercise and eating. I also suspect that you understood far sooner than I did. You need the time to figure things out complete with the changes. I certainly have faith in you after all of the times you posted all of your steps each day in your blogs. Just remember that you are capable and amazing. We all know you can do this and that you bring such a maturity and understanding to this that you will be on your A game very soon.

    Take care of yourself and keep up the progress after hurricane MRSA!!
    Gentle hugs,
    1469 days ago
    Nice blog! I feel like I'm all caught up. I love to read about all your animals. We had a turtle (a box turtle pet) for, I think, about 10 years. I expected her to live even longer since they have really long lives. She was amazing. She loved lettuce and would come to you if you had lettuce in your hand. Her name was Myrtle. She was my daughter's pet. She did fine until we were given another box turtle. We had them in together and the other turtle ate different food. We think Myrtle gorged herself on the new food and it was her demise. Hmmm...maybe a lesson in there for me! Well, take care. I'm glad you are feeling better...and the family is doing well. Hope you are having a good October! Thanks for the encouragement! Keep up the good work! Spark on! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1470 days ago
    Happy belated birthday to your hubby! It sounds wonderful to be living that close to nature with all the animals. I know it is a lot of work, but I really admire you for it. I would have loved to live like that. In the city I live in everything happens instantly (especially in my line of work, where I have extremely tight deadlines each and every day), and that way of life has taken over my world. I am so glad that your MRSA is in remission now. And best of luck with getting back to eating right and exercising regularly again. Always remember that you are worth it!
    1471 days ago
    Hi Tish, Boy am I glad that I saw your blog tonight and that your MRSA is in remission. Praying that it stays there!!! Happy belated birthday to your DH!! Also glad to hear that Ian was able to make his trip to Akron safely and had a good time!!! It will be great to hear that Daisy has a family again who will love her unconditionally...maybe it will work out with your neighbor. He sounds like he could use some unconditional love...maybe then he won't be so creepy.
    Interesting to read about peppers and inflammation. Wonder if that is part of what is happening here. I will have to pay more attention. Thank you!!!
    WOOHOO on starting to sell some of your MIL's things. Hope that means you will be finalizing the estate before too many more months.
    I love reading your blogs...feels like I am catching up with family members. Thank you so much for letting us know how everyone is doing. Hope the chinchillas are all feeling better. How often do they need their teeth done? Love hearing about all the animals and birds. You live in such a neat area surrounded by them.
    ENJOY your fall and the wonderful changes that occur around you. Our leaves are very vivid colors right now and many are on the ground. We have been having freezing temperatures already. Seems to be getting cold really fast here. But everything is beautiful!
    Praying for you and your family that everything continues to go smoothly and you all stay healthy. God bless you!
    Blessings and emoticon
    1476 days ago
    I always enjoy your blogs!!!! Glad the MRSA is in check!!!!
    Hugzz!!!! emoticon
    1476 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/11/2012 2:53:48 PM
  • JUSTJO66
    As always, I enjoyed reading your blog very much. This is the first time I've been
    back since the spring. Summer was great but then I HAD to come back
    to work. :o) It's been another busy, busy season. I'm finally about to get
    caught up so I can spend some free time on the net. Hoping to be back on a daily basis soon. I miss all of you.

    1477 days ago
    Hi, Sweet Pea!
    Glad your MERSA is in remission! Thank God!
    Sounds like the critters are busy... sad not to see the turtles right now.
    Happy and blessed birthday to hubby!
    Hope his job remains secure or the boss can place him into the new business.
    Your son sure enjoys traveling!
    I used to but I have settled down.
    I don't have a lot of grey but my hair has been dulling. I am a natural red head though now I am tinting a bit. I would love to be able to be natural but my vanity has gotten in the way. Kudos to you!
    Someday, I may see the light at the end of the tunnel with when I am eighty! Ha, ha!
    Hope you get in sync with what you can do for exercise.
    For the most part I ate great today though my afternoon snacks were not the best choices. I still feel confident that I am learning as I go and gradually moving in the right direction.
    Hope you have a wonder filled week.
    Sending you love,
    Karen emoticon
    1479 days ago
  • DEELB1
    emoticon emoticon
    1479 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1479 days ago
  • SAMI199
    emoticon emoticon
    1480 days ago
    You sure do keep busy! You know, I'm beginning to go white, and I'm debating whether to dye or not. I don't think all the chemicals in my life are good, but as you say, people expect it, and as a single woman, I have to do what I can with what I have. Still debating. I'm blonde, so I can hide it for a while longer.

    Glad the MRSA is giving you a break! emoticon
    1482 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/5/2012 9:36:57 AM
    I missed your blogs and this was great as usual.
    Happy belated birthday to your DH. I'm glad Ian had a good
    trip to Akron. He will be a more confident young man now.
    It will be good for Daisy to have a new home. Sorry to hear
    that the turtles haven't been around. You are so caring to
    all the animals and I so admire you for taking time for them.

    Iam glad you are able to start walking again and that your
    MRSAis slowly starting to go into remission. Your description
    of the weather changes are fantastic as we are into Spring and
    already we are getting30 and 32 C. Not looking forward to the
    humidity that summer will undoubtedly bring.

    I went to Sydney for 5 days and now that I'm back, I have a sore
    throat and ear ache again and I'm sure it's from the airconditioning
    in airports and the planes and the change in weather temps.

    I am glad that you are slowly starting to sell off some of MIL's
    stuff. I hope it sells soon and you can get back your weekends
    and your life for that matter. One step at a time.
    Look after yourself and don't work too much.
    emoticon emoticon Stay well dear friend.
    1483 days ago
    well, you seem to be considerably better! Amen to that! It warmed my heart to read of your yard adventures. Hearing you are able to make trips, shop and go to your MIL home tells me for now you are definitley on the mend! Like me, I know you will move with it while you can and don't look a gift in the mouth! God bless you always Morticia!
    lov ya
    linda emoticon
    1483 days ago
    Hi Tish !!.
    Great blog my friend .. I am glad daisy may have a home soon.
    I sense a sort of sadness or tiredness in your blog .. I hope you are ok?
    Happy Birthday to DH and glad Ian enjoyed his trip .. hope blocker will be ok .. and your critters will all survive the winter ..
    We are just home after a wonderful 2 weeks with our family in WA.
    We are tired, but happy we were able to do this last trip..
    Now our family will have to come to us!!.
    Take care my dear friend .. Much Love to all ..Susie emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1483 days ago
    Nice blog !

    Thank you for sharing with us.

    I hope you have a great week! emoticon
    1483 days ago
  • KANOE10
    You sound like you are doing well. I am glad your health is better and that the MRSA is in remission.
    I have never seen a white squirrel. You are lucky!
    You have a full busy life with your family and your lovely house in the woods.
    I bet the turtles are getting close to hibernating.

    It is 33 degrees this am. I am not used to the cold..but will get used to it soon.

    I love your blogs.

    Hope you have a great day. emoticon
    1483 days ago
  • GINNJEN1974
    Always so busy, I hope Big Boy is fine. Maybe its just the cooler temps keeping him away.
    1483 days ago
  • TEDYBEAR2838
    And I wonder why you are tired emoticon

    Beats me :) ...just teasing.. Rest well my friend
    1484 days ago
    howdee my dear friend
    just came back from gatlinburg and had a good time the weeather was only rainy one day and the days were cool leaves haven't changed yet..and the visit with my sister here was totally awesome my emails have piled up also and i guess i'd better get started on them missed ya'll
    the lady mary emoticon
    1484 days ago
    Glad to hear the MRSA is in remission again. Take good care of yourself.

    We aren't as cool here in GA yet but the weather is cooler and I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

    Continue to feel better!
    1484 days ago
    Glad you are doing better. I love reading your blogs. They always are a bright spot in my day. I confess I usually read them while I am at work, taking a mental time out to read about all the animals and your witty stories makes work more bearable emoticon
    1484 days ago
    It sounds like you have things going in the right direction for you now...that is awesome! I love to hear about your animal stories. I'm glad your stress has been less, and health seems to be getting better. It is very hard to keep up with everybody on SP. I just got caught up after a week again. That is time consuming in itself, and you have so much more going on.
    It was great to hear from you again!
    1484 days ago
  • SUNNY332
    I agree with you on the grey but haven't had to make that decision yet. My Father was part American Indian and I take after him and even at 66 have very little grey hair. My beauty operator is in total AWE. When we first met, she ask if I colored my hair. I thought beauty operators could tell? She was surprised but not so much when I told her I had some American Indian in me.

    Keep up the good work and keep moving forward.

    Huggers, Sunny
    1484 days ago
    It's good to hear from you! Things sound like they're moving right along!!

    I'm glad you still have some hummingbirds; ours are gone and I miss them!! (Although I ran out of mix at just the right time and din't have to get any more!)

    My hair has been gray for years! (I'm 54) It's thick and curly and medium length; I frequently gets compliments when I'm out shopping!

    Have a great Autumn Day!
    1484 days ago
  • TIGGER2094
    You are one busy woman! As someone said earlier, not many people stop to notice the things you do. Everyone's too busy.

    MRSA is no joke. Glad to hear yours is better.

    I love hearing other's representation of the fall season. In Florida, we don't get to see much in the way of leaves changing colors. Some colors, mostly brown on the trees that do turn, then bare limbs. It is still beach weather when it's not raining, in October for crying out loud.
    1484 days ago
    Happy belated birthday to your husband! Sounds like he had a nice one! That is great your sons trip went well and he stayed away from the train haha. Sounded like a good idea. Sounds like everything is looking up for you guys. So happy to hear! Great to see you in better spirits! I have wanted to go to Olney to see the squirrels lol Not much else there tho to see lol I have seen a few cream colored squirrels here. One in the graveyard and one at this one house multiple times on a run.
    1484 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/3/2012 8:30:21 AM
  • DMF2012
    Wow, you sure have been busy. A white squirel? That's awesome. Thanks for sharing, and I'm glad you're feeling better.
    1484 days ago
    LOL we are similar in some ways. I too have grey hair and have had so since I was 45 or so. My one friend was always commenting you are way too young dye it my mum dyes hers and she is 60 some. I don't like chemicals and if I try to make my own household cleansers , and not to eat chemicals then why would I intentionally put them on my hair. NOW lol not saying there aren't days I don't think to, but mostly then I get a hair cut or it passes. Right now it is the longest I have had it, doesn't look super great but want to grow it a bit more. Have a wedding next week so will be getting a trim if I evr get over to my dils, who is a hairdresser.
    I will be so excited when we can finally move back to the country,lol there is a tv show by that name. A british one about going from usually London to the country. But we haven't a clue when as it all depends on dad.
    So thankful that you are having some remission on your MRSA adn hope you can get back on track. Hard to do, I too am getting back to better eating, my arthritis has been wicked in my knees.
    Well hope you have a good day and that your hubby had a good birthday. My hubby is only 54, me 55.
    1484 days ago
    You know most people are too busy running around to notice the things you notice. Or, to name the animals. Reading your blog is actually very relaxing. I can see the comparison between fall and gray hair but I thought you were going to say more on the gray hair issue.
    1485 days ago
    emoticon for catching us up on your busy life. Fall is certainly in the air. We have one more worm day and then the cold hits and my breathing issues. emoticon Enjoy the season and the animals around your area. I am glad that the MRSA is giving you a rest. I hope that you continue to feel better. emoticon
    1485 days ago
  • -LINDA_S
    It's been raining on and off here for days. Can't even get my fall plants in, or wouldn't today after it rained because it was ridiculously humid. I want fall! A;ways so interesting to hear all you do, and I"m glad the MRSA is giving you a break!
    1485 days ago
  • WILLOW49
    Fall is certainly here. So glad to hear that you are feeling better! I love reading your blogs :)
    1485 days ago
    Iím feeling it here too. The trees are changing color and the mornings and evenings are so much cooler. Definitely Fall is in the air.
    1485 days ago
    I'd forgotten about peppers being nightshade members. My sil has problems with inflammation, so that might be it.

    Glad your MRSA has backed off. Hope you're feeling better and stay that way.

    I need Phase 1, too. Just don't want to give up fruit. Pears, nectarines, apples, melons, grapes, prunes, plums, etc. are all ripe right now. Love the tomatoes, zuc, beets, peppers, cukes, etc. that are in season now, but the fruit is the most satisfying.
    1485 days ago
  • 0309COOKIE
    Glad to hear that you are feeling good. It would be nice if Daisey found a home.
    1485 days ago
  • CHRIS3874
    Guess I now know why you do not like tomatoes. Glad to see you blogging again it gets lonely
    1485 days ago
    So good to read a nice, long, newsy blog from you, and to hear that you're feeling better!! And look at how many of your friends wrote to you within seconds of each other, to post comments!

    Ian's trip to Akron sounds fabulous. I bet it built his confidence in driving and just traveling away from home in general. Good for him!

    I hope the owner and yard man don't know something the others don't! How about going to work at the second business?

    I didn't know that about peppers. Are there other foods that are inflammatories? I bet you know what they all are!

    With everything you've gone through, I'm surprised your hair hasn't turned totally white!!
    1485 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/2/2012 9:31:18 PM
    thanks for the update...hope porkie starts feeling better...i am glad that daisy may have a new home soon, even if its with the "creepy guy"
    1485 days ago
    It's so nice to see you blogging again and feeling better.
    I have missed your blogs. I've been having a lot of lawyer action so I have not been too observant on Sparks.
    We are having beautiful weather here. It was 75 on the patio this morning. I really do like AZ weather better than CA weather and I like not having day light saving time.
    I wish you well in your little cottage in the woods..
    emoticon emoticon
    1485 days ago
    Thanks "M" for a nice newsy blog just like old times, I am very pleased you are on the mend and hopefully Ian is too. I am almost done with my sparking and I am weary -not like me. Tomorrow I have to go back to the foot Dr. I was going to cancel because there care was not careful, so I decided to tell them how badly my last visit was. We shall see how they take care of me better tomorrow or not. I have to speak up when people are not doing their job well. Our nursing sister was adamant the patient is the priority, not your feelings. Boy that system was great.
    I hope the chinchillas are doing better soon, it seems like they all need their teeth done together. HUGS Nice to read , (((HUGS))) Pat in Main emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon e.
    1485 days ago
    It's always good to read your updates, no matter the content.

    Glad you got the white squirrel that I sent you.


    I'll breath a bit better when I know that Daisy has a family again. I know that you are trying, and it's good to know that your neighbor is supporting the cause, too.

    Hang in there and tackle your days as they come. You just got healthy and we're in the best part of the season!!

    1485 days ago
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