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Juice Fasting: Days 1 and 2

Monday, October 01, 2012

So, I have decided to begin a juice fast, hoping to go for 60 days. This is something I've wanted to do for a while, but I just didn't feel comfortable doing it while I was recovering from surgery. I've decided that now is a good time to do it, especially with my weight being so stubborn.

My goals for the fast:
1.) Lose weight. I would like to lose 30 pounds on this fast; however, I know that I may lose less than that, and I'm OK with that. I know that weight loss is not the only benefit.
2.) Help heal my post-surgery nerve damage. This will be difficult to measure, as my nerves have already begun to heal. However, I'm hoping that the high amount of nutrients will help my body heal faster.
3.) Get rid of my headaches. I still get headaches often, and bad. I don't know if it's just post-surgery, or allergies to something, or migraines, or what. Whatever it is, I'm hoping that juice fasting will help get rid of these headaches.

I started the fast yesterday. It was very difficult. My grandma was taken to the hospital around 9 am because she was experiencing what almost seemed like mild stroke symptoms. She's gotten a lot better now, but they still don't know what's wrong. I went to the hospital for a while, then had to work 2:00 - 10:30 pm. Thankfully, I had juiced the night before, so I was able to just grab my juices. I woke up with a headache that I've had since Thursday or Friday, and it developed into an almost full blown migraine last night. It was tough. I was also very tempted by the delicious coffee and food at work. But I didn't cheat, thank God. I did treat myself to a Tazo peppermint herbal tea, which I love.

My headaches a lot better today, more bearable. I did my C25K run, week 5 day 1, after missing almost two weeks. It was hard, but felt so good to be working out again. I'm working again tonight (on my break right now), so I made juice again this morning for Tuesday and Wednesday. It's a lot of work, but over time, I think I'll get an effecient system in place.

One of the girls at work tonight said "I brought something in for you guys tonight, I hope you like it!" And I thought, oh no, she probably baked something delicious and it's going to be awkward to refuse. However, I was DELIGHTED when she pulled out of her bag two stuffed full ziploc bags of orange and purple carrots from her garden!!!! How awesome is that!!!!! Thank you God!!!
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  • KELLY122581
    Duh! I was typing fast, and I totally made a mistake with vitamin A.... I meant to put that in with E and K. I'm vegan, so I'm relatively well aware of plant sources of nutrients. That was a careless mistake! Glad you called me on it ;-)

    I'm VERY glad to hear you have already considered these things!! It makes me worry less ;-)

    P.S. I also have considerable nerve damage in my jaw/mouth from a surgery I had about 5 years ago. I am sad to say that my nerves never grew back. It is SO annoying, so I know where you are coming from. My mouth gets very tired from talking and eating and playing my clarinet :-(... My doctors told me it was really rare for the nerves not to grow back..... so I'm gonna take that to mean that you have a good chance, and I REALLY hope they grow back for you!!!!!!!!
    1993 days ago
    Kelly122581, you were definitely not mean :) Actually, I appreciate your honest advice! You were completely right about needing supplements. I actually went out and bought some B-12 and D vitamins today, and I am going to research taking some fatty acid/fish oil supplements as well. For Vitamin A, carrots contain vitamin A and I'm juicing them.

    I agree 30 pounds is a lot of weight to lose. I set that number because it's the amount I would *like* to lose, and I know some people lose a lot on a juice fast; however, I'm also ok if that doesn't happen. Weight loss on a juice fast is quick to begin with then slows down. Also, I do expect to lost a bit of muscle, but I'm still exercising to help not to lose so much. As for protein, my intake is low, but not zero, since my green juice alone has about 12g of protein.

    Thanks again for your comment :)
    1993 days ago
  • KELLY122581
    Ok, I posted that last comment and then went for my run, and I was obsessing over it the whole tme, wondering if I had been too mean. I didn't mean to criticize your efforts or your plan..... I was just a little shocked about your 60 day plan and trying to offer some helpful advice. Please don't be offended :-)

    But while I am here offering my unsolicited advice, I also wanted to mention that 30 lbs in 60 days is pretty extreme. That is 3.5 lbs a week.... about double of a healthy rate of weight loss. If it goes faster than 2 or 2.5 lbs a week, you could be losing muscle..... and, your skin will have a harder time keeping up with your shrinking body. #

    OK..... I'm done with my unsolicited advice. Hope you are doing well!! :-)
    1993 days ago
  • KELLY122581
    I am all for a short-term juice fast, but 60 days seems potentially harmful!!

    I also have a couple nutrition thoughts for you:

    You will not be getting many fatty acids at all (omega 3,6,9) unless you will be adding nuts or seeds to your diet.

    You will not have a source of vitamin A or D (only in meat, dairy and fish)

    You can get vitamin E and K if you include lots of green leafy vegetables to your juicing.

    You will not have a source of B12 (important for nerve function and growth!)

    You will likely be short on insoluble fibre (you should still have soluble fibre in your juices). Maybe eat some whole fruits also for the fibre?

    You 'might' be lacking in protein..... though depending on how many veggies you juice, you could be OK.

    I will make 2 suggestions - 1) add a multivitamin (and maybe additional B-12 supplement and E and D suppliments) and an omega fatty acid supplement.

    2) Make SURE you get such a long fast cleared with your doctor! Especially with your nerve damage, I worry that without Vit E, B-12, and Omega fats, that you will actually be hurting your nerve growth.

    Good luck!!!

    1994 days ago
    emoticon for coworkers that share veggies!

    Good Luck with your juicing.
    1994 days ago
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