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Keuka Lake kayaking in the rain

Monday, October 01, 2012

So, I finally got a chance to meet a SparkFriend I look up to, and go paddling with her. My brother and I set out around 7am yesterday for Keuka Lake, which is one of the Finger Lakes here in NY. It was a 3 hour drive, but we got there just after 10am, met up with Angela (4AHEALTHYBMI), unloaded and geared up, and staged the cars so we could do a destination paddle. Thank goodness Angela brought a couple of paddle jackets that were too big for her, because it started raining while Jeremy and Angela were arranging the cars (I paced, waiting with the boats for about an hour). We deicided to paddle from Branchport to Hammondsport, which we estimated to be about 15 miles. Finally, just before noon we launched under grey skies and spitting rain. It rained pretty steadily for most of the 4+ hours we were out in our kayaks. One of the nice things about Keuka is that there isn't much wave action, so it was pretty calm despite wind and rain. We set a pretty brisk pace setting out and maintained it for most of the distance. It ended up being 14.5 miles according to GPS. Not a bad days' paddle. We did pause for lunch in the middle of the lake to eat around 1pm. I have to plan ahead better for middle of the day paddles, in regards to food. I was okay with my Clif bar, but by the time we got to the take out I was pretty hungry again. The hardest part of the paddle was waiting for my brother to get back with the car. I was COLD! I had a warm, dry change of clothes in the boat, but they weren't warm enough, and I was stuck wearing my soaking wet water shoes, so my toes were pretty much numb by the time I got the opportunity to put on dry socks and shoes. Boy, did it feel good when I did though! So, it was nearly an hour's wait for Jeremy to get back with the car, so once again I paced (vigorously). We loaded up the boats and headed out on our way back home. We didn't get very far, before our hunger made itself known and we decided to stop for seafood. It was very yummy seafood, but that took up about an hour. I enjoyed the crab and grilled shrimp, but opted out of dessert. (I did sneak one bite of Jeremy's Dark chocolate hazelnut cheesecake.) We finished dinner and set out once again for home. We made it to Salamanca before having to stop for gas, but it was close. We were running on fumes... literally! I had both fingers and toes crossed that we wouldn't run out of gas on the Interstate. Anyway, we made it back to my brother's place just before 10pm. But we still had to unload the boats and sort out the sopping wet gear we had just dumped in the back of the car. Got that taken care of and went to my parents' house to pick up my dog who spent the day at their farm. So, Cooper and I were home by about 10:30pm. It was a long day, but it was a lot of fun. Angela was funny, and she kept up with us in her kayak. (That is a pet peeve of my mine... having to wait for other people to catch up when we are out paddling. Don't get me wrong, I like group paddles, but I like them more when the other paddlers go about the same speed I do.) Hopefully we can meet up with her again and do another trip.

Today I walked... a lot. 9.4 miles with the dog and 1.8 miles walked/jogged with my friend, Tricia. That is 11.2 miles total. Plus, I did light ST in my living room. So, today does not count as a rest day. Yesterday definitely wasn't! I am thinking about going swimming tomorrow night, then I am running again on Wednesday. Friday I am running again and it is tentatively another golden hour paddle, so that wouldn't be a rest day either. That leaves me with Thursday for a rest day, but I want to get to the gym (finally!) on Thursday. I think I need to plan better, so I do get a rest day (or my version of one anyways) each week. Rest and Recovery are important too. I know this, but implementing it is difficult for me. There is so much I want to do, and just not enough time in which to do it all. It might actually be easier once Winter comes, because the dog won't want to walk as much and we won't be kayaking. That might just be wishful thinking though since Winter has its own unique activities like snow shoeing and cross country skiing. hmmmmm................
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