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Being Tam: 3 days of Gluten Detox

Monday, October 01, 2012

So here is the 2nd chronicle of my GF (gluten free) adventure. The first three days were a little bit of hell in my life. Physical attributes included cravings, hunger, headaches, and nausea. The latter 3 only lasted the first day really. By the end of day 2 and day 3 though I started feeling SO GOOD physically. I was not ever hungry! I brought a ton of food to work, cut up veggies, fruit, tuna, peas, black beans... and by lunch I was stuffed and had only eaten half of what I ate and was only at around 700 calories by 5pm... which means I got to EAT my words, bc my sister told me I would not find myself as hungry and I said "are you kidding! I am going to be starving I know it!" But as usual she was right:) And I am so glad she was right. You see gluten tricks your brain into thinking you are hungry, that you need more of those donuts, more toast, more cookies; similar to a drug addiction.

Now, almost three weeks later I find myself only hungry when its actually appropriate, I think "Oh my Im hungry..." well I should be bc its 6 hours later- at mealtime so I should be hungry! If I find I am hungry in between- which is rare, its bc i am dehydrated. So I drink waterand am good to go.

Now as for cravings and temptation. That took a wee bit longer to overcome. I was plenty full and all but when I came home the first day to a house which smelled of french bread and pasta, neither of which I could eat, my senses told me " just don't bother trying, you cant NOT eat this! You need that pasta and you love french bread!" but then, I chose to walk away and make my food. And while eating my food I realized i was not so overwhelmed with the temptation anymore.

The next night my husband brought home pizza. Again the first 5 minutes was awful. I started making my food to distract myself from that yummy smell. And something incredible happened. Somewhere between smelling that pizza, making the choice to walk away, and by the the time I sat down to eat my food, the pizza became non existant.The box sat in front of me and I didn't even care!

I felt a surge of emotion rise as I become totally aware that I was actually capable in overcoming this addiction. My resolve has been even stronger since then.

So I am betting a few thoughts being thrown out there are "but that was rude for the family to eat that in front of you," and "why don't you just cook all gluten free so you dont have to have those temptations?"
Well i am so glad that I can answer those questions.
You see I decided that I needed to be able to deal with temptations. I cant control what people bring into work, at a party, at church, at a conference. But if I could learn to control myself and choose to not eat the food around me, then that would be altogether something incredible.

I may only be 2 weeks into this thing but i found 2 major aspects of success in this has been not changing the way everyone else eats around me, but by simply changing what i eat and eating around them. And second not substituting certain habits for another- ie I don't buy gluten free bread... i just don't eat bread. I don't buy gluten free pasta, I just eat spaghetti squash with marinara instead. I don't buy gluten free cookies, i just don't eat cookies now. Easy? Not at first, but now I find I can refuse anything i want to, without much effort. I find it is actually harder for me to eat ENOUGH calories, instead of being over the calorie limit everyday and feeling starving while trying. That is because the calories I am eating make me full, and they aren't high in calories. So I lost 10.4 lbs in 2 weeks. Now i am working on eating enough calories so I am not losing too quickly, just steadily. THAT has never been a problem for me!

So the first three days proved to be the most important so far. It took those imperative first "just say no" moments for me to realize i could do this, that I am strong enough to overcome, and that no one else could make that choice for me.

My goal is 50 lbs lost. I now have less than 40 to go. Not only am I losing weight, but i am stronger in confidence and energy too. My mood is improving drastically as well. I love my new life. I wouldn't normally be so secure in that statement bc typically I usually fail... but i usually fail by by day 2 of a new food agenda. Im on day 18 now! I's say its sticking:)
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