Carry That Weight

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Man does 0400 come early in the morning! But given my forgetfulness of last evening, it was best to get up, get my bearings, gather my stuff, remember the stuff I forgot, and get on the road.

A stale cup of coffee is still a stale cup of coffee, no matter the hour emoticon

But a tasty pumpkin pie bagel does warm the soul and move the soul out the door emoticon

You do know you are ambitious when you take very seriously the notification that transition opens at 5am and spots are not guaranteed. Guess who was one of the first to stage? emoticon

Good thing I did because one of the valves on my inner tube bit the dust. And then the mad scramble to find a good soul that knew how to resolve that emoticon

Next up was waiting for the building to open so we could use the facilities and wait in line for our swim rotation. I was about near at the end of the line due to yesterday's shenanigans. That resulted in standing around for about an hour, but I met a lot of friendly faces and even answered some first timer questions emoticon

It was very exciting to observe the swimmers ahead of me, and when it was my turn, I quickly got into my rythym (I haven't blogged about it, but this was a far better experience than the open water swim earlier in the month). I zipped out into the chilly outdoors, and dried off as best I could. I still wrestled with the knee brace (again) emoticon

The bike leg was gorgeous. A few challenging hills. Rather lonely, unfortunately (except the friendly faces who told me where to turn). As I finished out, the running leg was last. I would like to know my pacing. I felt like a bit of a slug, and had a moment or two of various things. It gave me quite the complex to feel like the caboose. However, I saw my results about 30 minutes after and was glad to see I didn't finish last in my age group, or last overall. Now, I would take whatever I got, but I just didn't feel as down on myself. Plus, I was surprised to see my time on all 3 elements. I would like to see what my swim time was, as well as all other parts.

Today was definitely about carrying my weight. So I thought this Beatles song was appropriate :)
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