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My A to Z of Life......

Sunday, September 30, 2012

My A to Z of Life
by M. K. Soni

Life is like a multifaceted prism, which gives different colored images, when viewed from different angles. Look how it appears to different people:

a. Life is a struggle, face it.
b. Life is a brief intermission, between birth and death, enjoy it.
c. Life is a lesson, learn it.
d. Life is not a joke, take it seriously.
e. Life is work, work is life.
f. Life is a dream, to be realized.
g. Life is to be lived, enjoy it.
h. Life, without a wife, is no life.
i. Life is not a bed of roses.
j. Life is an ocean, fathom it.
k. Life is an opportunity, don't miss it.
l. Life without love is desolate.
m. Life is a goldmine, exploit it.
n. Life is what you make it.
o. Life lies in optimism. Be a positive thinker.
p. Life is like a game of snakes and ladders; one faces many pitfalls before one reaches the top.
q. Life will be a pleasure, if you love your work.
r. Life without goals, is groping in darkness.
s. Life without trust is a life in turmoil.
t. Life is a journey; make it as pleasant as possible.
u. Life doesn't mean bread alone.
v. Life is meaningful, only if there is a mission.
w. Life is enriched by good friendship.
x. Life doesn't mean years alone: "IT IS THE LIFE IN THOSE YEARS"
y. Life is useful, if you contribute something, that will outlive it.
z. Life lies in diversity, not in monotony.

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