Roommates and other adjustments

Sunday, September 30, 2012

The roomie situation is working out somewhat. I'm never here, and I think that helps.

My schedule hasn't changed much but I do relish the weekend mornings that she is working at Kohl's and is gone...the house is quiet. I can clean if I want to. I can do my nails. I can nap on my couch.

It's those tiny things that are keeping me sane.

She's a great person and we have a lot in common, but it's hard to live with someone else.

If you watch Big Bang Theory, you understand why I get that Sheldon has to have a roommate agreement. Why he has a fit when someone sits in HIS spot on the couch. Why he eats certain things on certain days. I feel a lot like Sheldon.

She rearranged food in my cabinets so things would be easier to find. While I appreciate it, I kinda knew where stuff was.

We don't eat much of the same there is her stuff and my stuff...and clearly more my stuff than hers since half of it was here before she ever arrived.

She tends to work early mornings and then has the rest of the day to herself... I work early mornings AND late nights so there is rarely time to myself.

There aren't many things I watch on TV...but the few things I do watch I kinda want to watch when they're on, but because she is HERE all the time, I end up watching whatever she's already got on, eliminating my ability to watch what I hoped to see.

I went away this weekend to a retreat for the Star Teacher Council I'm on through the League of Charter Schools... I had to be "on" the whole time. It was a wonderful retreat and we got a lot of neat stuff accomplished and planned. The two hours (not including the four hours I slept and the six I was in the car driving to Vail and home, which was in mostly pleasegoddon'tletanythinghappe
eofnowhere mode) I had to myself were absolute bliss. I flipped channels. I ate whatever I wanted. I took a bath. I peed with the door open. Why? Because I could.

And I came home to someone on my couch, wanting to chat...sitting in my spot.

Some would say "oh just TELL her you prefer sitting on that side" but in the grand scheme of things, it really doesn't matter.

I would love for her and her husband to move here...but I would also really love my house back.

Part of me feels awful that she hasn't found a teaching job yet, but honestly, the possibility of it is really low--and it may just be an INR position through year's end if there's anything. She's not gotten into the sub systems for any district, but is on our sub list at my school. She's tutoring some, but not every day yet. The one tutoring gig she had at my school didn't pan out--we can't have anyone (tutors, organizations, etc.) from the outside come in without paying a rental fee to the district and THAT is spendy for them.

She's considering going back to school to get her HS certification in math, which would be great...but I dunno if it would get her a position anywhere. Trying to find a teaching job during what is essentially mid-year is hard.

I feel somewhat responsible for finding her a job. Her husband has made it clear that I need to be facilitating this process as much as possible for both of them. The fact that I've opened my home to them, and found an initial position tutoring with a friend of mine wasn't enough. He asked why she can't work at my school or why he can't. they may be able to, but right now we don't have any positions open. We WILL have *one* open in the spring, but nothing right now, and I have no control over who the position goes to.

I'm not eating badly despite all this stress. I haven't gained and am still at 187. I can't work out at home because someone is always here and I don't want to have anyone watching me....makes me self conscious. Trying to figure out when I can go run or walk...I may have to join a gym for spin class if I can find one early enough...I dunno. My treadmill, while not collecting dust, can't be used till she moves out--it's tucked in a corner and there is nowhere it can be pulled out to be used.

*sigh* so the journey continues.

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  • TMCK-40
    Stay strong. You've got this.
    1933 days ago
    Roommates are such fun, which is why I did my best to not ever need to have one. Too much of an adjustment. The husband sounds like a prize. Hope he's working somewhere else.
    1933 days ago
    It is definitely enought that you have opened your home to her and gotten her a tutoring job! It is her responsibility to find a teaching job! It is really hard to have a roommate. When I was living with my parents for 2 months, I made sure that I moved out of my parents chairs when they got home because those things, as silly as it may seem, are very important! She needs to be more considerate!!! I don't blame you one little bit for not wanting to exercise n front of her. That would be embarassing! Great job on not gaining weight though! My fingers are crossed that she'll find a job and get out soon!!!
    1934 days ago
    Roommates ARE an adjustment! I hope they both find positions and get their own place. It is NOT your responsibility to find work for them.
    1934 days ago
    Wait - what?? How is it YOUR responsibility to find them jobs? Oh HECK no!

    Despite that bit of craziness, I think you're holding up remarkably well, my friend. I cannot imagine how stressful it has been for you, and to not have gained at all is fabulous. I can relate to not wanting to work out when people are around - I'm the exact same way. I'll ride my bike, and had finally gotten to where I could stand to do strength training when my husband was in the room, but I didn't like it much. Guess I need to get back to that.

    Thinking of you!!
    1934 days ago
  • DRAK416
    Gl, On your Journey
    1934 days ago
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