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Sleep Apnea!

Friday, September 28, 2012

My husband was recently diagnosed with severe Sleep Apnea. It sounds like they caught it just in time! Oh my! He's felt so deprived of sleep for so long now, that he can hardly function in the day and has had to take a couple of good naps each day. He's now on his first bit of rest with the machine. We got trained on it this morning. We're hoping that this will be the answer to his troubles. They say that with Sleep Apnea going on without the machine, it can really cause the heart and lungs to get harmed. Scary! His noisy sleeping or lack of, has had me be in the guest room for around 10 years or so. Wow, will it ever be nice to get back together again. It's been tough on us, but didn't know what else to do! The nurse said that it can really run in families and if it's on both sides, it all the more. Alot has to do with the size of the neck too. My husband comes from a family of very tall people, large boned! We feel so thankful that he's getting help and that he's alive! There was a man locally that passed away during the night because of this. So sad! There's more and more people getting helped because they're becoming more aware of this being quite serious and that there is help for it and there didn't used to be! This is just to make everyone more aware of how scary it can be and how we don't want to lose our spouses or any of our loved ones! The nurse told us of one 12 year old boy who was diagnosed and treated because he couldn't play football because of being so tired all the time. He tested to have Sleep Apnea, one of the worst cases this nurse had ever seen and now he's a star on his football team! WooHoo! Hugs to all, Karen

ps...........my husband's father passed away at age 44 years, of colon cancer. He was a farmer and was so horribly exhausted the Fall before he died, and could hardly get the crop in. He died that next Spring. This made my husband and I so sick that this could happen to him, but we felt comfort with knowing that he does get his colonoscopies as often as the Dr's advise! Whew!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    i went to my dr cause i felt tired all the time so he sent me for a sleep study i was thinking it was more about one of the medications i was on. i have had the sleep apnea machine now for a couple of years and i know i sleep better with it than with out it. it has become a white noise to me. i took two months off it this summer and i am back to using it. recently i have added a cloth called a rezzie to this so my face stops breaking out from the plastic against my skin. after all this time i also learned how to open the water tank to clean it. mine had built up a white residue even though i have purified water house system. but now that the tank is clean it is much better for me. tiredness is still a probem i do have more energy during the day but i know i am getting sleep.
    1552 days ago
    Sleep Apnea is very common. My DH one brother has it as does his son. I had a hard time having his brother stay with us with the CPAP machine though as it was really noisy. . His wife said it took some getting use to. I am very happy that it is a big help for your hubby.
    1556 days ago
    My husband has it, too and has been on a CPAP machine for years. It sure has helped him with his energy! He used to have to take medicine to help him stay awake during the day, but hasn't had to for years. I'm so happy for you both that he found out that he had sleep apnea and hope that it improves his health and over all well being. Also for your new life together!
    1556 days ago
    It's great you guys got this figured out. Life will surely get more enjoyable, especially for him. Being sleep deprived by toddlers, I know how important enough sleep is.
    All the best
    1571 days ago
    yay for being reunited. hope you can both adjust to a new life.
    1572 days ago
  • NANT406
    Great news about your husband's treatment for his sleep apnea. I didnt realize it could be so serious. Thanks for raising my awareness. Sleep well dear friend.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1572 days ago
    That is great that your husband had the testing and that there is help for him. Hope he is sleeping great now.
    1572 days ago
    Oh wow, I'm glad he got diagnosed and is getting treatment!

    I think one or both of my parents might have sleep apnea. I should try to convince them to get tested. This is scary stuff! Glad it's worked out for you guys. :)
    1572 days ago
  • WINNIE1978
    I have a friend that has severe sleep apnea and he's got the machine to sleep with at night too. It took him a while to get adjusted to it, but he can definitely tell a difference. He's not constantly sleepy now like he was before.

    I hope your hubby is able to get a more restful sleep now!
    1573 days ago
    My ex boyfriend had this so bad he would "work" in his sleep and I was too afraid to wake him up to tell him there was no bolt on my arm and to stop twisting my arm off! He would wake up in a fghting stance because apnea actually starves the brain and the brain starts to fight with the body.

    Anyway, after years of dealing with his abnormally loud snoring (I recorded it on my phone and made him listen to himself - he had no idea what he was hearing!), he got the machine and turned out I didn't like him when he was fully awake. He ended up drinking and gambling more that before, so we had to end it.

    But I KNOW you will enjoy your husband more when he is getting the right sleep. The machine really works, but the masks leave something to be desired. You can forget about an impromptu smooch session, that's for sure! But he will feel so much better getting the oxygen he needs to be rested and not struggling with his brain to breathe.
    1573 days ago
    Glad he's got a machine to help him now! Not sure if the noise of the machine will keep you up, but hopefully it will be more like white noise and lull you to sleep!
    1573 days ago
  • 4CYNDI
    So glad you got him tested. I wish I could convince my husband to get it checked out. He's been snoring a lot more lately. Hope the machine helps!
    1573 days ago
    So glad that you got him tested and they found out about it before he had anything happen.......A very dear friend of mine had a stroke at a young age, and during the testing, the doctors found out that she had sleep apnea, and said that was probably what caused the stroke! Thank the Lord that she is fully recovered now except for dizzy spells, she uses her machine religiously!

    I also have another friend with it, she found out much the way your husband did, she was always tired and went to the doctor!

    Super that you and husband will be "getting back together again"!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1573 days ago

    I am so glad that you found out about this now Karen. This is great news because he can get everything taken care of and feel better!!!

    How are you doing sweetie?
    1574 days ago
    Lots of people have it. Cpap machines are a real life saver.
    1574 days ago
  • _LINDA
    So glad your hubby found out and can be treated for it!! its scary what may have happened! That is wonderful you will be able to share a room again. My Mom and step dad sleep separately too, as he is a violent sleeper who kicks and hits as well as snores. He has never been tested for sleep apnea and likely will not even consider it either as he hates going to Dr.'s. He spends a lot of his days falling asleep upright in his various chairs. He has even fallen asleep while having supper!!! He almost died once refusing treatment for a bleeding ulcer. He didn't want a transfusion and didn't want the tube down his throat and actually fought them when they tried to do it. They ended having to give him conventional surgery -a zipper down his front- to fix it :( That is how stubborn he is. At 81 he is set in his ways..
    Have a wonderful weekend!!
    1574 days ago
    Thank God for modern medicine. Good luck.
    1574 days ago
  • NEPTUNE1939
    It's great you had it checked out. When I was tested at a sleep center it shocked me to find out that I had stopped breathing for over 2-minutes. I had trouble at first with the CPAC unit as I found myself wanting more air. The doctor had the flow increased and I immediatly found that my energy level improved.

    I've been on the machine now for nearly two years. My health has really improved. Hugs back, Earl
    1574 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    There are lots of Sparkers with it too.. I will bet there is a team for it,, maybe you could check it out..
    I am so happy that your hubby found out and is getting treated!! Twenty years ago there was no such machine,, people just died...
    you are blessed!
    1574 days ago
    My dad and my DH both had sleep apnea. Hope the treatment helps your husband!
    1574 days ago
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