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An Honest Conversation with... Myself

Friday, September 28, 2012

So you haven't lost any weight since... well, let's be honest, since June 15. You've been in the 170's since March 9 ... and your lowest weight was 170, ALL the way back in July. WHAT have you been doing? Not a whole lot, huh?!? This entire summer, exercise has been, meh... and there have been a LOT of liberties taken with food... So you think that by being "this way" you're going to get to goal? I don't think so! Do you even want it? It's doesn't seem like it.

Oh, but wait, you say you've gotten "back on track." You've been exercising at least 5 days a week and have reeled in the food monster... well, ok, let's talk about that. You SAY you'll be starting the "Supreme 90" workout on October 1st, and it's a 90 day program, which will take you to the end of the year to finish... that sounds good! THAT means you have to do it EVERY day. No skipping workouts. Not even if you end up with the plague from standing in the rain watching the kids run cross country. Not even on Holidays, when you're "too busy" to do it. NO EXCUSE! The food has always been tracked, good OR bad, but it has to be more good than bad ; )

Ok, so it sounds like you're back on track. Now, how are you going to STAY motivated??? I have a great support system at home and my sparkpeeps! Also, I've joined a new team. It promises a new challenge, with logging your daily calorie burn and a weekly weigh in. Again, all good! So, to jump start the motivation, lets stroll down memory lane, shall we...

Everyone LOVES a good "before" shot! Then to put the icing on the cake (the ONLY cake you'll be having for a while), we'll put your measurements on here too!

You were wearing a size 28 pants and a 4X shirt and 307 pounds, probably more! You didn't start your journey for another 5 months.

Yes, but you're not THERE now... you will be if you don't get your crap together! Right now, you're here...

Here you are wearing a size 16 jeans and an L shirt at about 175 pounds

May 2012 LOVE this pic!!! Katy and I on our first run together.

Ok, so I've done well, and I have a little ways to go... don't forget the analogy of the hill at camp... it will be hard, but not impossible.

Oh, wait, the measurements... In 2010 when I started, these we're the stats...
waist 60 /// hips 59 /// neck 16 /// thigh 34 /// calf 19 /// upper arm 20 /// with a BMI of 60.1

Right now, this is where I'm at...
waist 34... in 2010, my thighs were as big as my waist is now... that's something to ponder
hips 42 /// neck 12.5 /// thigh 23 /// calf 16 /// upper arm 15 /// with a BMI of 33.7

Ok, so THAT's why I'll be doing Supreme 90... Alright, conversation OVER! It's all there, black and white, get it done!!!
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