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Buckling Down

Friday, September 28, 2012

I was reading my SP weight reports and observed the following:

1. I have lost 5.5 pounds since August 1st
2. I have lost only 1 pound in September

In my previous blog, I identified about 8 bad habits that are holding me back from losing more weight. Thanks to some of the feedback I’ve received from my SP friends, I’ve decided to focus on changing only two things; drinking more water and sticking to my 10:30 pm bedtime.

Two other factors that are contributing to my slowed weight loss are hypothyroidism and perimenopause. Despite my tendency to self-sabotage and my haywire hormones, I am managing to hang in there and stay patient because the alternative is to regain the weight.

I am also focusing on taking a moment everyday to celebrate being 46 pounds thinner. Here are some of the changes I’ve noticed since I’ve lost weight:

1. I’m not afraid to have my picture taken. Yeah, I look chubby in the photos, but I don’t look obese.

2. I jump around and dance more. The other day my daughter and I were doing the “Psy Gangnam Style” dance and just being silly. Before, I wouldn’t have even wanted to.

3. I like to shop for clothes again. Every time I pull a size 12 off the rack, try it on and IT FITS is still remarkable to me.

4. I’m dressing more youthfully. Not in the pathetic way of a 40-something woman who doesn’t know any better, but in a fresh, positive and flattering way.

5. Although bootcamp class is killin’ me and I can’t do all those mountain climbers, burpees, and planks, I’m hangin’ tough and holding my own in a class with people half my age.

Above all, I’m physically and mentally healthier because my blood sugar is normal, my skin is clear, and the psychic pain of being obese is gone. I really feel like I’ve given myself the best gift ever. That is why I’m buckling down and working harder to reach goal.

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