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I messed up :(

Friday, September 28, 2012

I'm having a bit more trouble this time around, for some odd reason. I've made all my weight goals thus far, but I had a binge last night :( It amounted to about 1500 calories over, and it was just a bad decision on my part (I went to a friend's get together and just let it happen...ugh). I logged it all, painfully, but logged it nonetheless. I had one binge the first time I started in January the whole time (at the beginning) and for almost four months after, I didn't have anymore. I'm hoping this is my one binge because I feel really crappy about it.

I feel worse about it because tomorrow is weigh in and now my numbers are going to be messed up because I don't know what is salt and sugar and what is my actual weight. I thought about not recording it, but I need to remember this moment and chart my entire journey - not just the beautiful parts.

I'm continuing like normal today. I won't lie and say I didn't consider fasting (I did, and almost executed the act but I realize that's so silly and counterproductive). Gonna eat on the lower side of my calories all week and workout a little longer. Hopefully my weight isn't too messed up by this.

Just had to let this all out. Womp womp womp.
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    I have those binge days too. I wish it wouldn't happen. I always wish there was a reset button but we all know that's not realistic. We need to be at the place where we know we don't need all that food. We have to remember that it's good to have these things in small amounts...and I think of it as the less I eat now, the more there is for later. This especially works at restaurants. I will just eat half of the plate and be able to have the other half for later. It works!!
    1875 days ago
    A few things.
    First, congrats on blogging it and being honest with yourself!
    Second, it sucks that tomorrow is WI and yes, the scale will be all crazy because of the excess salt (the same thing JUST happened to me). BUT, the scale WILL go back down rather quickly, so it means that next weeks' WI compared to this week's will show a huge improvement!
    Third, don't get stuck on the negativity of yesterday. Today is a new day and you can't change the past - except by changing the future. Work out today, eat healthy, and repeat tomorrow. We all have our setbacks, but it's how we react to them that matters. Stick with it and you will reach your goal!

    1876 days ago
    It sounds like you are doing great! Don't be too hard on yourself for eating too much if it is only an isolated incident. It is not realistic to say "I'm never going to eat over 1500 calories everyday". As long as you reserve those high calorie foods to special occassions you'll continue to do just fine. What will mess you up is feeling guilty and like you "ruined" your whole week. For some stupid reason I always let this stop me, and would let one bad desicion lead to another. Recently I have been allowing myself to have a "free meal" only on special occassions, and one time it added up to almost 3000 cal. But it has not hindered my progress one bit, and has even helped it! If you eat a low number of calories for a long period of time your metabolism can adjust and slow down, shocking your system every now and then with a high calorie meal can actually raise your metabolism and might lead to a bigger loss. I know it sounds weird, but our bodies are constantly fighting against our weight loss, so we have to learn to trick it into working harder. Don't sweat it! Just stick to your plan of eating the lower end of your calorie range and exercising and I'm sure you'll still see a great this week:)
    1876 days ago
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