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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Okay, I have started writing a new blog entry a few days ago, but stopped because I had to walk my dog. When I came back, I was... too lazy to continue writing. I just left the window open so I could finish it later. And since I am the world champion in lazyness and finding excuses, it took me till last night to sat down to continue writing. And guess what? My computer crashed and everything was gone. UGH...I hate technology.
Anyways, I know the months is not over, but I thought it might be a good time to look back and see if I have accomplished my goals I set for September:

1. ONEderland: I haven't weighed in this month, but I am pretty sure I haven't reached that goal. I seem to have a huge problem to meet my calorie range. Most days I am staying under, so I am thinking about drinking juices to add more calories to my tracker.
2. Exercise- at least 3times a week: I did pretty good with that one: Whenever the weather was good or ok (no heavy rain) I was outside running.
3. Drinking 3liters water every day: Ugh.. drinking that much is way too hard, but the other day I read an article that adding like two table juice of fresh lemon juice boosts your metabolism and since I like to try out different things. I might drink my normal amount of water, but add some lemon juice.
4. Eating vegetables and fruits every day: I ate veggies or fruits every day. Not as much as I should, but I ate at least an apple a day.
5. Reducing sugar: i never thought how hard that could be. It seemed like that in the moment I decided to reduce sugar my evil Inner Me kept telling me to eat something with a high amount of sugar. I didn't really binge, but I noticed that it really is a challenge to reduce sugar.
To sum it up, I didn't do that great. Sometimes I feel like I am not able to achieve any goals even if I try so hard. I have been trying to loose weight before and at first I succeeded, but then I gave up. It has been since last December that I am out of work and although I keep applying for jobs, there is no job in sight. It is frustrating. The same is with exercising. I go running at least three times a week (if the weather allows it and it isn't pouring), but it doesn't seem like I am improving. I just can't push myself that hard I guess. When my legs start aching or I am getting out or breathe I quit and walk back home instead of taking a break or walking for a few minutes and start running again. How do you push yourself when you work out?
Anyways my goal for October is to not set any specific goals. I will just work on improving my daily routines (nutrition and exercise) and be happy about every improvement and success.
I still need to get used to fall. I don't like when the days are getting shorter. It makes it so hard to get up early and its hard to get a good workout in when it gets dark earlier. Unfortunately, the trails I run on don't have any lights at all and it would suck to hold a flashlight while running. If my financial situation was better, I'd definitely consider a gym membership, but for now I just can't afford it. I will have to give workout videos another chance. I tried a few before, but I get bored easily and I always feel like my apartment is too small to do some of them. Maybe I will just move some furniture to get more space.
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BERKCHIK 9/27/2012 6:40PM

    Hey Tibi, it was great to hear from you ;)

I relate to your sugar issue...the single most difficult change for me is dealing with sweets. Even in my smoothies, I tend to make them more dessert-like, you know? It's tough. But I keep searching for alternative sweeteners, like dates and stevia and trying them in different ways (like stevia/sugar mixed and dates in a paste). But it's an issue I must continue to work on also.

I understand your frustration at not improving in your running...have you tried the c25k or similar programs? ---I think having little goals while you're running could help. Like the whole run 2 mins, walk 1, run 3, walk 1.5, etc. I totally get this frustration as well, though. I have some difficulty pushing myself beyond a certain threshold and if I pushed myself much farther than i'm comfortable, i would simply start making excuses to not do it at all--so in light of that, i don't mind not improving drastically, as long as i keep doing something...regularly.

I'm hitting some of the same weight stumbling blocks as you, also. It gets hard to keep up a certain level of effort when you aren't seeing the results you so desperately want! But I think it's all part of the cycle of life. Ups and downs, including on the scale...if we keep up the effort, though, it's bound to improve our lives in the long run, in all the ways we hope.

good luck in october. specific goals aren't a necessity. sometimes what's needed is to step back and take stock, while continuing to do the best you can right now....which may be different than the best you could do two weeks ago, y' know?


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