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Fastest Ever

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Yesterday, I had a business meeting in Vienna and I used the opportunity to stay for the weekly POSE-running workshop. Every Wednesday night there is a possibility to train with coach Andy.

I did the POSE training in June, and then the triathlon training with dr. Romanov himself in September (which I want to cover in a blog, too). I am practicing since then almost every day, but somehow, my technique didn't click, and I needed the trained eye.

Stretching, warm up run, drills, and then interval training. Strangely, I loved the drills, especially the SpeedRope ones, they give variety to my running exercise.

Intervals were 4 times:
1_lap of 400m at near top speed, pause until heart rate drops below 120 bpm (2 min)

When I need more than 3-4 min to settle back below 120 bpm, then I know my aerobic capacity for that day is over. :-)

I did all laps with focus on executing the technique well, pull, pull, pull.
I had a good rythm, had my cadence high enough, and kept my stride length short enough. My heart rate was going up to 185, but it didn't feel extreme, just high.

I had to correct was the pull of my ankles too high. Andy told me I pulled so high as I would run with 3 min/K.

After the 4th lap, I was thinking about how much I enjoy this company, ambiance, the feedback, the run itself. And on top of it, even just with and hour of training, my technique improved a lot.

Then I glanced on endomondo on my phone, and boy I was surprised.

I was running with 4 min/K, and I didn't even feel it to be fast!

Key learning?
This pose technique works, I just have to keep on training.
As most things in the healthy life, this doesn't bring results from just overnight (as many people wish), but it works.

As for maintenance, an advantage I see on learning this technique that it has already shifted my focus from "just running" to "run well".
So it's not about whether I run or not, it's about getting better. It was intentional for me shift my focus by going for the POSE technique, but I never expected it to work so well.

What is your strategy for keeping up motivation?
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