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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Actually it's all good news. Did i fool You? did you come here for some drama? Well not today people!

It's amazing what a 2 lb loss after a month long plateau can do for your mood! All of a sudden, the 160s feel within reach. Man...the last time I was in the 160s, I was probably a freshman in college, certainly I haven't seen that number since before I got married which was at age 20. Amazing.

So I just started taking this supplement called Zija. I'm basically cringing as I'm typing this. I normally don't go for weight loss supplements. My husband is getting his degree in Internet marketing and he's doing a project with this product and it seems pretty legit, as far as not having any questionable chemicals or anything. So I'm the guinea pig basically. Does it work? I have no idea. But I did lose two pounds... So I don't know. Could totally be a coincidence. I'll keep taking it and keep doing everything I've already been doing anyway and we'll see how we go. Anyone else out there in spark-land have any experience with it? Would love to hear about it.

Also, I may be getting a personal trainer. That makes me sound rich doesn't it? Which couldn't be further that the truth I assure you. I found her on Craigslist. That makes me sound like someone who might be getting murdered in the near future doesn't it? But actually she seems pretty legit. ( I realize I've exceeded the limit on acceptable uses of the word legit and ill be watching myself carefully for the remainder of this blog). Anyway, her rates are really reasonable. $15 a for an hour session and if you do a whole 12 week thingy, it's $160. Who can pass that up? Not me, I tell ya. We've only been emailing but I already think she might be my fitness soul mate -- besides running that is, but we have an open relationship so it's cool. (You probably think I'm starting to overdo the soul mate thing too huh? I'll pay more attention to that as well). I hope we can make it happen. I set up a consultation with her the week after next.

Finally I feel a little bit of hope! I was starting to get so discouraged! I'm sure something else will come along to knock me down any minute -- like sands of the hour glass, these are the days of my weight-loss journey. But right now I'm feeling pretty good. Carry on with your lives everyone!
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