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Grown-Ups Can Have Play Days Too!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Randy (DH) calls me the Pied Piper of Fun. He rolls his eyes when he says it, but I still take it as a compliment. :) I like to play; I’m wired that way. Sometimes grown-ups forget how to play--non-competitive, unplanned, purpose-free play. We know it’s important for kids; it’s how they learn. But I think there’s value to it for adults too. For me, it’s a great stress reliever, an excuse to hang out with friends and a chance to re-group a little. I used to feel guilty for taking time to play, but I don’t anymore. I find myself more productive and creative after playing. I think it gives my brain a break. And now, my playtime often doubles as exercise, which is an added bonus. Last Sunday, a couple of our friends went to the park with us after church, and we played. I thought I’d share some short clips. We had fun. I’m definitely going to schedule more play days--they’re not just for kids, you know.

Adult-sized hippity hops are awesome!! (Because I know someone will ask, I found these at

In other news:
I’m dancing really closely to the 50 lbs. lost mark. I’m tap dancing up, down and all around, but just haven’t hit it yet. So, I’m doing a little more work on the food front. I read in a buddy’s blog that weight loss is 80% food and 20% exercise. Sometimes I wish that were reversed. Today is Day 542 of my exercise streak. I’ve managed to establish consistency there.

Woop Woopty Doo, Day 542!

Food. Not so much. But I’m making definite progress. Meal planning is becoming routine. Not fun, but routine and that’s pretty remarkable for me. The other day, I overheard Audrey talking to a friend. (I wasn’t eavesdropping; she was standing two feet away from me.) She said, “My mom tries to cook for us every day. In fact, everything in this dinner is from scratch.” Hey, it’s nice to know someone notices, since I feel like I practically live in the kitchen. But I like knowing what’s for dinner and being able to pronounce the ingredients in what I’m feeding my family. I like being able to pack lunches and put good things in the bag.

Audrey brown bags it.

I even bought a plate to help me do a better job of eyeballing my portions. It really makes a difference, seeing it right in front of you. I think I’m going to try pre-tracking my food the night before and see if that helps keep me on the straight and narrow.


Spark-related injuries:

Popped my lip, hooping. Thank goodness for Spongebob Boo Boo Buddy!

Bell graters are hazardous to knuckles...

From our furry SparkBuds:

Gunner's allergies are forcing us to make him wear the new and improved cone of shame. It makes him look like he's doing a lifeboat drill on the Titanic. Iceberg, dead ahead!!

Forgot to share this last time. Chubbs and Pudding are so important, they have stand-ins for their light checks. VeryImportantPigz

Okay, I've taken up enough of your time. Go forth and be awesome!!
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