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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Yupper.. was doing well nutritional until after my Half Ironman... The weight with training for the HIM and slowly been creeping up some.. I wasn't worried about it as i've kept track of my measurements ..So i knew i was putting on muscle.. after the HIM i have put on 10 more pounds with training for a marathon... Some of it is muscle.. so i know is not... how do i know...

1.) i've been slacking with doing my upper body and core ST
2.) not necessarily tracking ALL my food.. which food wise is ok.. saltwise.. not so much
3) Life happens.. what can i say.. it just does..

NOW how do i recommit??

1.) i'm back to tracking everything i eat and all workouts..
2.) have a friend who is keeping me accountable for getting the ST done.
3.) Keeping track of life.. having a support system to help me out.. not biting off more than i can chew...

Good thing is spark has shown me such good nutritional information.. i am making 90% time good choices.. it's the other 10% i need to work on.. All in all i still feel happy and healthy.. And with my goal of competining in an Ironman Competition July 2013.. there is gonna have to be a hard and fast of knuckling down of proper nutrition...

Positives in my life at the moment.. Boys are doing GREAT post divorce and adjusting well.. I'm actually dating.. He's a fellow triathelete in my club.. apparently he had had a crush on me for awhile and i never knew.. Once he found out i was divorced.. He made the first move.. He's a nice man.. I really enjoy getting to know him.. training with him as he is a superior athelete than me cycling and running.. I enjoy the fact i can chick him on the swim still... but he really is motivating and helpful in wanting me to succeed with my Ironman Dream... Even with my current goal of running the Marine Corp Marathon.. super supportive.. pushes me on our runs when i can't run with my friend Julie.. It's nice to have someone to share my enjoyment of competing in races .. Certainly a different dynamic.

Still no job... which is something of a positive still.. I"m working at finding one even if it's NOT as a MLT... But right now life is good and i'm holding my own.. I"m surrounded by good supportive friends.. My family... can't ask for much more..

So until tomorrow Sparkland.. It's gonna be another GREAT DAY!
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